Riding Discomfort – or Dealing with Cravings and Urges

Riding discomfort, discomfort dodging, surfing the urge, cravings, the wine witch … whatever you want to call it, describes that moment when you really want a drink, and you have a big fight with yourself about whether you should or should not do it. For most of us, it is a psychological battle rather than a physical dependency. But when it happens, it is a major tussle and can make or break your goals. It is also exhausting!

It does not matter how long you have been moderating your drinking habits or been alcohol-free, you will get moments of discomfort. I still get them at five years sober. The same thing happens when you are exercising, dieting or undertaking any other personal behaviour change project.

Accepting that these feelings are part of the process is a good start to riding discomfort and bashing it for good!

In this Riding Discomfort webinar you will discover:


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