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Seedlip is described as the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit to solve the “what-to-drink-when-you-are-not-drinking” dilemma, and fundamentally change the way we drink.

It is sugar and sweetener free, with only 0.2 calories per 50ml – which is like none! Victoria Stewart in The Evening Standard described it like this:

So this is not a spirit as you know it, yet it is clear like gin, made like gin — different botanicals such as lemon peel, cardamom and cascarilla tree bark are distilled individually then blended together — and you can drink it like gin, with tonic or in a martini and other cocktails. It is also sold in what could easily pass for a beautifully labelled gin bottle. So theoretically you could replace gin with Seedlip and no one would know.”

What does it taste like?

Ben, who makes Seedlip says:

“The simplest way of describing it is it’s kind of smoky, clove-y, citrusy. Because we individually distill everything, we can perfect the balance,” he says. “So you’ve got the bitter side coming from the barks, the clove-y aspect from the pimento berries and the cardamom, and then the lemon and grapefruit peels add some fresh zest.”

How to drink it?

At Hix they recommend you drink it like a Martini – neat with a twist of grapefruit peel (just without the hangover the next day).

Where to buy it?

Try a glass and not a whole bottle at Dandelyan, The Clove Club, Sexy FishHix bars, London Edition, The Savoy, Gordon Ramsay Group or House of St Barnabas.

Buy a bottle for £30.

The Club Soda view?

“To say it is a substitute for gin is a bit misleading, it has not got the juniper taste. As there is no sugar to create a syrup, it does not hold itself well against mixers. Having it on the rocks waters it down. A tonic is much better. But I would drink this neat and on a night out where I felt it was a treat and meant I was punching my own weight in the cost of a round. I enjoy asking bars if they have it!”  Laura

What Club Soda members have said

“…all the taste of a good botanical gin but none of the downsides of drinking spirits either at the time or the following day…”

Bought Seedlip, tad disappointed as it’s got a distinctive ‘clove-like’ taste which is not to my palette but if you add a squeeze of fresh orange and tonic water on ice it can taste ok. at £30 a bottle feel I should drink it but would happily go without. If you’re a G and T drinker this could be an ideal substitute.”

For some it may be just the right thing.”

“The contents tasted very watery and neutral – not what I was expecting for £30!”


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