Member webinar: Serena’s story of getting sober

Serena has been a Club Soda member for over a year, but her journey with trying to tackle her drinking issues has been a long one. Her problems started in her last year at university, and have only now been resolved at the sweet age of 38.

Advice for everyone

Whether you are moderating, dealing with a dodgy ‘off switch’ or just worried about the amount of alcohol you drink, there is lots to learn from Serena’s story.

Serena shares what it is like to be at rock bottom, and the stories of her many attempts to get a handle on her escalating drinking problem that slipped into dependency. She made many attempts to change, including attempts to moderate and quit on her own, as well as spells in rehab.

She reflects on what did not work, and why she feels things have finally clicked for her, and now what she does to keep her sober lifestyle.

“You just have to keep trying and one day it will click and it won’t be hard.”

How Serena got sober

Serena has three bits of advice for anyone who has problems with alcohol:

  • You are never on your own – reach out, ask for support, and use it
  • You are not a failure when you lapse – you are learning
  • Start listening to what people are saying, and engaging with your own recovery.

Serena is now also volunteering for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and sharing her wisdom with others. We are dead chuffed that she shared her story with Club Soda members.


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