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Seven months alcohol-free. ‘This is a happiness post’, writes Club Soda Member Sarah. 131 likes later, the story of her success and newfound happiness has obviously resonated with many, and we would like to share it with you here (with Sarah’s permission of course).

Happiness post

“I started on 1st January. I was AF [alcohol-free] completely for six months and then in the last two I’ve had some alcohol on two occasions but nothing like the 6-8 cans of Stella every night that I used to be on.

My health has vastly improved, my skin is better, my hair is shinier, I’ve lost 80 pounds (combined with Slimming World). I include a before and after photo (December 2015 versus July 2016) because I know I was hungover when that was taken (I was always hungover at work) and I know that that night I went home and coped with the hangover by drinking more.

All these things are amazing but what is even more amazing is being present, together, in control, happier, less easily phased, more responsible and a nicer person to be around.

My sleep is better. In the first few weeks of my new life I found myself thinking about alcohol all the time. Now I never do. It’s just not a habit any more.

And life is as fun, crazy, scary and exciting as it’s always been but now with more crystal-clear beauty.

For those starting out on their journey, remember that it’s each step that counts. One foot in front of the other at your own pace. This group has been a godsend. Thank you to you all. “


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