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If you have found your drinking creeping up whilst at home the last few weeks, if you have decided to try no alcohol and do a #drycovid, or were already on the path to being a more mindful drinker, you may have found that getting hold of decent alcohol-free drinks has been a little hard of late.

The alcohol-free aisle at the supermarket is as empty as the alcohol aisle at the moment, and you can’t fall back on an online supermarket delivery either. Fortunately, many of the great low and no alcohol drink brands in the UK have their own online shops, and some are offering discounts as well. Specialist online shops are also still sending out cases across the country, and you may even get some alcohol-free drinks home delivered with your takeaway order.

Here is a roundup of our top picks. Please note that if you are not in the UK, you may well find similar options nearer to you – do a little search and see what you can find!

Order direct from the makers

As you can imagine it is hard running a small business right now, so buying direct from the producer is a great way to show your support. On that note, did you know Club Soda has awesome online courses to help you change your drinking habits? Buying that is a great way to support our work too. Here are some great drinks you can order online.

no alcohol

Sisters 0.5% Passionfruit Sour beer from the London Fields Brewery’s webstore.

no alcohol

ISH Spirits have a range of alcohol-free spirits you can order from their online shop.

no alcohol

Lyre’s launched their online store earlier in the year to sell their huge range of alcohol-free spirits.

Lucky Saint unfiltered lager is also available directly through their website.

no alcohol

Drop Bear Beer have launched an Amazon webstore to sell their lovely range of alcohol-free beers.

no alcohol

Genie Living Drinks kombuchas and sodas from their online shop.

Cloudwater Soda

Cloudwater Soda hop sodas are something else – find out more and order on their website.


Caleño have just launched a new dark spirit, available from Look out for their online Salsa classes too!

no alcohol

Kashmiri Tea House cold-brew botanical elixirs are available here.

LA Brewery have amazing kombucha in their shop.

no alcohol

Nix & Kix have rebranded their chili soft drinks – have a look at their online shop for details.

Sea Arch for gin lovers

Sea Arch spirit is available in 25cl and 70cl bottles from their website.

A number of brands are offering free delivery from their shops:

Binary Botanical – known for being the ‘wine lovers’ beer’ (free delivery on orders over £30).

Thomson & Scott – their alcohol-free prosecco Noughty is awesome!

Boucha Kombucha – free UK delivery, use code FREEPOST2020 at checkout for this lovely new kombucha brand.

Celtic Marches – have two alcohol-free ciders: Holly GoLightly and their latest addition, Pulp.

Square Root – lovely sodas and tonics (free delivery on orders over £20).

Other drinks makers that you can buy direct from include /shrb, The Bitter Note, Stryyk, Caleño, Everleaf, Three Spirit, Cotswold Green, Wild Life Botanicals, Senser Spirits, Highball Cocktails, ISH Spirits, Real Kombucha, Adnams, Slange Var, Sparkling Green Tea, and Sea Arch.

You can find even more drinks and where to buy them at the Club Soda Guide, which lists over a thousand low and no alcohol drinks to discover.

Get alcohol-free drinks delivered home

Fugitive Motel is one of our favourite venues who are now offering home delivery of low and no alcohol drinks in London. They have also opened their bar as a bottle shop so that you can go and collect them yourself! See their website for details or pop along to 199 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 0EL.

Wise Bartender is an online shop that stocks a great range of alcohol-free drinks. You can get mixed boxes or even a single bottle. So take a look and see if there are any new things for you to try. You could even make a project of finding a new favourite tipple.

Use the CLUBSODAVIP discount code on the new La Maison Wellness’ Cocktail boxes to make signature cocktails such as ‘Spritz Ceremony’ and ‘Peach Me I’m Dreaming’!

Dry Drinker is a specialist online shop for alcohol-free drinks. They have a wide range of wines, beers, ciders, and spirits, as well as kombuchas, soft drinks, tonics and other mixers, and CBD drinks too. And Dry Drinker also delivers to Ireland and some countries in continental Europe.

Holland and Barrett is not a supermarket so you can get delivery from them whatever your age, but do order early as their delivery time is 11-15 days at the moment. But they do have a small range of alcohol-free beers, wines, spirits and great adult soft drinks.

Amazon. Since you can buy almost anything on Amazon, you can also buy many alcohol-free drinks there. We have collected some that we have discovered on our shop window, which is a good place to start exploring. You can find us on Amazon UK and on Amazon US. You could also pop in a copy of our How to be a mindful drinker book to your order. 

Food delivery apps

As well as enjoying the luxury of ordering food straight from an app on your phone, you can also order low and no alcohol drinks along with your meal, or also from a local store – quite a few are now offering grocery and drink delivery. For example you can get Heineken 0.0 delivered from the Corporation Street Co-op in Manchester with Deliveroo!

All you need to do in food delivery apps like Deliveroo and UberEats (subject to whether they operate in your area) is search for key terms such as ‘alcohol free’ and ‘non alcoholic’ and the app will show you all the nearest restaurants and convenience stores that offer a low and no alcohol drink option. You can’t do this on Just Eat – they need to up their game!

If you are getting a takeaway straight from your local, then do ask what alcohol-free drinks they could deliver to you as well. They often forget to put them on their online menus, and they may well have something – if they don’t why not suggest it!


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