A Sober Halloween

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The 31st of October is creeping up, and whether you celebrate it or not, and unless you’re hiding under a rock, it’s definitely going to be in your face. So, we’ve rounded up a few of the best ways to enjoy a Sober Halloween, which mostly involves acting like a big kid.

1. Go trick or treating

One word: Candy. A lot. Of. Candy.

I have nothing else to add.

2. Go to a haunted house

And you know, lose the will to live. But, hey, apparently getting the bejeezus scared out of you is fun. (I should probably point out here, that I hate anything remotely scary. Like the dark.)

3. Watch a horror movie marathon

See above.

But also sofa, covers, hot chocolate and hiding behind pillows with friends and loved ones, actually does sound kinda of awesome. I’ll just be blocking my ears and closing my eyes the whole way through.

4. Go ghost hunting

There’s always one house in the neighbourhood that’s got a ghost story attached to it. Get that laptop out and start googling, go talk to the person living there, find out more about why it’s haunted and who knows – maybe meet a ghost?

5. Bake Halloween treats

CAKE. That is all. Also, putting in a search into pinterest on ‘Halloween Treats‘ just pulled up the most mouth watering stuff….

6. Invite your buddies for dinner

More food! Theme it with an undead version of your favourite movie? Like, Grease, the zombie version. It’s always fun to be a big kid around your favourites.

7. Pumpkin carving

Get your friends to bring a pumpkin each to your dinner party, and get competitive. Best carving wins…. CAKE.

8. Halloween hike

One of the best things about Halloween has to be the time of year. Crisp Autumn weather and crunchy leaves. Go solo or with friends, but get out there and get stomping. Plus, it’ll give you some wiggle room for more…. CAKE.

9. Organise a Halloween scavenger hunt

Hiding sweets, for people who’ve already eaten too many sweets, to continue eating sweets.

I’m in.

10. Halloween pranks

Oh come on, I know you’ve toilet papered a house before. It’ll be fun…

11. Halloween mocktails

Get creative, from the Zombie Eye Punch to Vampire Bite, there’s a lot in the way of ghouly, grim and bloody non-alcoholic drinks to have fun with.

And on a final note: CAKE.


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