How to have a sober St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a celebration that has a reputation for drinking excess. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a sober St Patrick’s day. After all, it is meant to be a day of music, family and history, and all of those can be found without the need to get smashed. In fact the programme of events across the globe is so fantastic you would be foolish to drink your way through it! Here’s how to have a sober St Patrick’s day:

1.  Find a parade

In Dublin, London, Boston and Liverpool the parade is probably the highlight of St Patrick’s Day, and whilst there will be people drinking, you will also find there is plenty to occupy you sober too. You can make the most of the parade and festival sober by

  • Getting a good spot. An early start with a clear head means you can get a great view
  • Pack your own special treats. So while others indulge on booze you have your own stash of alcohol-free treats that float your boat
  • Have an escape plan – know when you will call time if it gets too rowdy and what you will do instead. Remember that this is meant to be fun – not something you need to endure!

Here are details of the parades in London, Liverpool, Dublin, Boston & Belfast.

2.  Dance to the music 

Sean Nos St patricks dayFrom the free outdoor céilí in Dublin to the Irish music across the underground in London there will be music! If it is in a pub then no sweat. Find someone you want to hear and go for the music. Focus on the beat and remember that it is much more fun when you can remember it the next day. Personally the event that deserves total sober respect is Dublin’s The Art of Sean-Nós Singing – the ancient sean-nós singing tradition will be presented in a way never quite experienced before, in an intimate performance which will be accompanied by live visual art and contemporary music. Belfast’s St George’s Market will be also be alive with music all weekend.

3.  Drink alcohol-free stout

Big Drop Chocolate Milk StoutGuinness do produce an alcohol-free version of its stout – but still won’t answer our question as to why they don’t sell it in the UK & Ireland! But if you think your day won’t be the same without a pint of the black stuff, then it is not too late to order some of Big Drop’s Chocolate Milk Stout from Dry Drinker. They also stock the Super Bock Stout and Cheers Preta – use the Club Soda discount code CLUBSODAVIP and you will get a discount too!

Read our review of Big Drop’s Chocolate Milk stout here.

4.  Grab the popcorn

In London there is an Irish Film Festival, and in Dublin their festival contains a number of film events, including a special open-air screening of 2016’s runaway hit Sing Street and a cinéconcert of 3 silent films from the The Kalem Film Company with a live score. In Liverpool the play Irish Liverpool looks at the history of Irish migration to the city.

Irish walk5. Walk your way through history

London is hosting free walking tours of Irish London. In Dublin, you can take a walking tour with Dublin Walking Tour’s ‘In the footsteps of St Patrick’ tour and if your foot work is faster you can enter the Festival 5K Road Race in Dublin or the The SPAR Craic 10k in Belfast.

So there you have it, your sober St Patrick’s day sorted!

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