8 things mindful people should do before 8am

What do you usually do before 8am in the morning? It may not be very much most days. Life is busy. We get up, we go to work, we get home, we have dinner followed by what feels like 23 seconds of down-time, then we go to bed. The next morning, we get up and do it all again. It can feel a bit like being a hamster in a plastic wheel. As we are humans (and not hamsters), we need to put a bit of effort into being mindful and happy. Gaining emotional intelligence and understanding ourselves can contribute greatly to our overall wellbeing. We don’t want to sacrifice quality of life and general contentment for busy schedules. Instead, we want to take our lives into our own hands. We want to feel like we are achieving something meaningful, or are at least on the way there.

This article is intended to help you rethink your approach to contentment. The purpose is to simplify the things that make you happy, and get more of them in your life. You are the designer of your destiny, and deserve to live on terms that are your own and no one else’s. And yes, things to do before 8am.

1) Get in a healthy 7 or more hours of sleep

Sleep is just as important as eating and drinking water. As a population, we don’t do enough of it, which can interfere with our day-to-day activities. Getting enough sleep has been proven to increase creativity, lower stress and lengthen your life span. Plus, lounging in bed for an extra 5 minutes is not usually a bad thing!

2) Get up and WOOP

WOOP is a productive way of thinking about what you want to achieve and how you can get there. It’s a tool you can use if you feel stuck, uncertain, or just like life isn’t going the way you want it to. You could do a mini WOOP to plan your day. This is a good way to make a small contribution towards your long term goals. It makes you realise that they aren’t actually that far away.

3) Find uplifting content

Whether you’re reading it, watching it, listening to it or just looking at it, find something that inspires you. It’ll get you focused and motivated for the day. Look out for the inspirational posts on Club Soda Facebook every morning. 

4) Have a good breakfast

Protein-rich foods keep you full for longer and reduces carb cravings. Nutritionists recommend eating 40% of your breakfast calories as protein. Eggs, greens, nuts and seeds are all rich in protein. Fruit, cereals and porridge are also good for slow-releasing energy.

5) Get moving

Getting in the habit of regular exercise is a great way of being healthy, happy and productive. You could stop off at the gym before work, go swimming, or stay local and just do some stretches in your bedroom. Exercise also makes you more likely to eat well and sleep better. It all connects!

6) List the positives

Getting out of bed early is harder if you’re dreading the day ahead, or feeling negative from the day before. When you wake up in the morning, it is a good practice to list a few of the good things in your life. They can be as big or small as you want them to be. Think family, friends and other support networks that keep you on the straight and narrow.

7) Put your records on

Music has been proven to reduce stress, aid memory and help us exercise. Whack on a tune and have a dance. Why not? For some serious morning dancing, check out Morning Gloryville where you rave to your heart’s content before the city even wakes up.

8) Check in with the Facebook group

Keep close to your friends at Club Soda Facebook group. We’re here to help you, whatever’s going on.


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