THOR – new adult soft drinks

A common complaint we hear all the time is that most soft drinks are just too sweet for an adult taste. So it’s great to come across a new brand that comes with less sugar, and new interesting flavours. THOR soft drinks come in three lightly sparkling apple based flavours. The name, by the way, comes from Norse mythology, and involves a story about golden apples that keep gods young forever.

Apple flavours

Apple is based on apple juice and sparkling water, with added green tea and gentian extract, which make the taste feel a bit drier still. And based on our taste test, not as sweet as most other apple based drink products.

Ginger is also apple juice and fizzy water based, but with added (you guessed it!) ginger. It’s not fiery like a ginger beer, but the ginger adds a nice spicy flavour.

And finally, mint. Made with sparkling water and apple flavour, but the main taste is a punchy mint. This was the unanimous winner in our Club Soda tasting. “Moroccan minty” and “extra minty” were the comments from our tasters.

Lower in sugar

All three contain some sugar, but not as much as most soft drinks. The calorie content is 55kcal per bottle (275ml) for the apple flavour, and 69kcal for the ginger and mint ones. And the sugar content is 4.5g per 100ml for the apple, and about 6g for the other two flavours.

TH├śR soft drinks are not yet widely available in shops, pubs, bars or cafes, but you can order them online, a mixed case of all three flavours from Amazon for example.

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