Are you too busy to change your drinking?

You have probably made the same excuse a thousand times. “I am going to sort out my drinking, but first I need to…”

I have an event, a wedding, a thing coming up …

But events are not the only excuse we can use to procrastinate, being too busy to change your drinking is another.

“If I can just get through this week.”

“I will start again Monday.”

“I am running around too much to focus.”

These excuses are so plausible they completely hand your good intentions over to the inner critic/wine witch who will then not only dump your goals for the immediate future, but will use that excuse to stall you for another week, and another week.

The thing to know is this. There will never be a good time to give up. There will never be, from a cursory glance, enough hours in the day.

Not giving yourself a second to think of the consequences of not changing means you can put off and put off starting the difficult journey.

More importantly, it allows you, outwardly at least, to blame the lack of action on others, not yourself. We are glorifying busy in order to justify hurting ourselves!

How do you stop being too busy to change your drinking

  1. Recognise that this is all within your control. Nobody or nothing else can make you drink.
  2. Do a decision balance sheet exercise, and be clear of the consequences of not changing.
  3. Do it with the knowledge that soon you will have more time naturally, by not being hungover and tired or manipulating situations to drink. It is a long term gain!
  4. Start with small parcels of time if you think anything too much would be a struggle – don’t make it another failure to add to your ‘guilt list’.
  5. You also don’t have to do something else in this time. Stopping may be enough.
  6. Dedicated time to practice not drinking is vital – as in learning anything new.
  7. Remember change does take time and commitment – but so does everything worth doing.
  8. It is where you make your plan for the day ahead – your WOOP.
  9. Rest is time well spent – they don’t call it recovery for no reason.
  10. Say NO – it does not have to be for ever but for now. Treat yourself with consent.


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