Top five things I may (or may not) miss about drinking

Since going alcohol-free, I’ve been thinking about the things I miss about drinking, before remembering why I don’t actually miss them at all. Often, when I thought about drinking with fond memories, the reasons I had quit only became more important. It is natural to view the past through rose-tinted spectacles, and alcohol only increases the trickiness of distinguishing the good from the bad. With that in mind, here are 5 things I do (or don’t) miss about drinking.

The Embarrassing Antics

I will miss flashing my boobs on a wild night out – but I won’t take pleasure on looking back at the pictures on Facebook the next day, available for my teenage son and his mates to see. Maybe I’ll remember about dancing on tables – but I won’t miss falling off tables, into a group of city workers, through the fire doors backwards and ending up on the street on my arse.

The Socialising

Maybe I’ll miss talking to random strangers – although, I won’t want to re-enact the time I gave all my belongings (including phone and bank card) to a random homeless man I spent 2 hours talking to (or more like at).

The Occasions

I might be annoyed when I can’t get drunk at Christmas – however, I won’t get nostalgic about misplacing my son’s PSP Christmas present, spending 4 hours ransacking my flat looking for it and having my neighbour come round on Christmas Eve to tell me I had drunkenly left it with him to hide it the night before.

The Spending

I may reminisce about my drunken shopping – but I definitely won’t feel lost without my star shaped egg mould, my silver puffa jacket, 400 packets of seaweed or 98 packets of quavers.

The Drunk Stories

I will think about the days of getting plastered on a night out – but I won’t want to remember being sick in a colander the next day (epic fail). I will miss the drunken fun at home – although my cat definitely won’t miss me trying to shave a swear word on her side with a nose trimmer.

I think I need a hobby.


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