Webinar: Another super sober mummy!

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Club Soda member Emma is an inspiration. You may have seen her article in The Sun newspaper back in January. This week she shares her story with fellow Club Soda members on this guest webinar.

Getting back control!

I never thought I could enjoy life without booze but boy was I wrong. My life has changed! I live an honest humble exciting full filled life without the constant battle in my head.

“Too tired to keep on failing. I just wanted to be a good mum.”

I’m a mummy to two amazing children Isabella 12 and Herbie 3. I have always been the party girl! I was the one who was always the drunkest and I suppose I made everyone look better.

I have always worked hard. Travelled well and enjoyed life to the max. Always starting the night looking fab but ending the night looking a disgrace. My mother’s words were: “you look like a million dollars going out and come home looking like a victim.”

I always knew I drank too much. Much more than anyone else

When I had my daughter Isabella was born 2006 she made me an adult and so I managed to moderate for a few years but we hit a massive financial strain when she was 3 and my drinking (only in evenings) became worse. I tried AA but you see I wasn’t as bad as them (ignorance).

I made a friend there and she was a dependent drinker and even though she lost her battle it still didn’t make me clean up my life. I suppose we need to find our journey or purpose to make the decision to stop. You need to want to stop with no more excuses.

I gave up drinking the first time 2014 for 4 months to help get pregnant and fell pregnant with my son Herbie so I was sober throughout the pregnancy and 5 months after.

The turning point

In September 2015 I thought I’d try to moderate as I had no life! I was boring! Was this all life was about! That’s how I honestly felt – crazy but true. I started to moderate and maintained for a few months but then the every evening drinking started again, gaining more weight looking old and I’d hit 40!!!

My turning point was going to a friends 50th on the 22nd October 2016 with my 10 year old daughter and I cannot remember past 10pm but she did. The next morning I felt the worst I’d ever felt and nervously laughing and looking scared she told me about the night before. I was horrified.

I had scared her and I promised my family myself and especially my beautiful daughter that I’d never drink again. My journey has had ups and downs I’m not going to lie. But I can honestly say my life has changed and I feel eurphoric!

I’m proud and I am alive. I joined club soda two months into my sobriety and it has been amazing. I have lost few friends in my journey but gained hundreds! I told my story to the sun in January this year and so I totally held myself accountable and the response was just amazing.

Being publically accountable motivated me

Holding yourself accountable is the key to sobriety. Club soda has been a crutch and I hope I have helped others in their journeys . October 23rd is my 2 year soberversary and I’m so proud and happy I could burst.

“I write lists and every day remind myself why I am doing this.”

I also found Clare Pooley’s book based on her Sober Mummy Diaries a great help.


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