Webinar: Is there are a card for that?

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In this guest webinar for Club Soda, Lucy Wilkins and Sara Bender, co-founders of We Are In Good Company share why they started a card company to help us celebrate milestones, and avoid the boozy celebration cards that don’t give you many options for birthdays and other life milestones.

We believe everyone choosing to live sober deserves support, encouragement and celebration. The choice is always brave, most often difficult and needs acknowledgement of the strength, and courage with admiration and love. Yet the common responses to “I’m not drinking” include “Oh, c’mon, just have one.” or “Why?”

People don’t know what to say and so defer to societal conditioning: Drinking is normal, Sober is questioned. Neither of these responses and many more besides is acceptable. Loads of people can’t and shouldn’t have ‘just one.’ “No thanks” should be a complete answer and quite frankly you shouldn’t have to justify your choice not to drink.

What people need to hear from you when they tell you they’re not drinking is “Ok”, “Good on you”, “I support you.”

We Are In Good Company is a card and gift brand on a mission to do just that – to provide a way to say the things that are often too hard.

We know you know this. We want to understand you better and provide you with the best bits possible to provide support, encouragement and celebration on this road that you are travelling on.

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