Webinar: Choosing to Heal – From All of the Things

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Today’s guest webinar is by Dawn Nickel, PhD, the founder of SHE RECOVERS, an international movement of women (self-identified) in or seeking recovery from a wide variety of issues, including substance use disorders and other behavioural health issues, trauma, abuse, codependency, cancer, grief, low self-esteem, perfectionism and other life challenges. This is how Dawn describes SHE RECOVERS and her approach to changing our drinking habits:

We are all “recovering” from something. This truth – that every one of us has a thing or two that we need to address to live our healthiest, happiest lives – is the absolute foundation of what SHE RECOVERS is about. The principle is intended to be hopeful – not depressing. For one thing, it levels the playing field because it connects us all. It reduces stigma because…well because everyone has a thing which means that everybody else’s thing is no big deal.

This principle is as helpful as it is hopeful because when we share the same things, we can also share our strategies and solutions for recovering from them. In this webinar I share my ideas about what it takes for us to design – and then implement – our own individualized pathway and patchwork towards healing and wellness.

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