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In this week’s webinar, Club Soda co-founder Jussi demonstrates how to use the new Club Soda Guide.

The Guide was born when we realised that many Club Soda members, although cutting down on their drinking or going alcohol-free, still wanted to go pubs, bars and restaurants with their friends and family. But usually found that there wan’t nothing interesting for them to drink. You were lucky to find one brand of alcohol-free beer behind the bar, usually at the bottom shelf of the farthest away fridge, and even the bar staff didn’t know it was there.

Our prototype Club Soda Guide, launched two years ago, was our first attempt to find the best places for mindful drinkers. It really only had venues in London, and wasn’t very easy to use. This year, we are proud to present the revamped Guide, which was launched to the world at our January Mindful Drinking Festival.

The new Guide already lists 750 low and no alcohol drinks, and nearly 2,000 venues. We are inviting pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to get a free listing, and tell us what drinks they stock. Based on their answers, they get a “Club Soda Score” (from zero to five) on how good they are for mindful drinkers.

Anyone can use the Guide to search for drinks and venues. We are also inviting Club Soda members and other mindful drinkers to nominate venues to add to the Guide: you can find the nomination form and some guidance here.

The development of the Club Soda Guide was made possible by the generous financial support of:

The City of London,┬áHeineken 0.0, and┬áThe Brewer’s Research and Education Fund.

Our thanks to all of them!


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