Webinar: Club Soda story, Guide, Festivals and more

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In this week’s webinar Club Soda co-founder Laura and Jussi look back: how Club Soda got started, and why all the many different things we do are important.

Club Soda has been around for nearly five years, as an online community and as real world socials and other events. We also have an online guide, the Club Soda Guide, for low and no alcohol drinks available, and the pubs, bars and restaurants where you can find them (only in the UK at the moment, but we hope one day to add more countries!).

Laura and Jussi also talk about some of the other things that may not be too visible to some of our members: our research projects, our work trying to nudge bars and catering companies to serve more alcohol-free drinks, and our campaigning, including our recent non-alcoholic beer tasting event at British Parliament.

And how the Mindful Drinking Festivals came about, and what to expect from the next one in two weeks’ time!


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