Webinar: Self-Discovery and Hospitality with Zoe Reed

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Zoe is the creator of the No/Lo Social (the first event was a few weeks ago). Drawing on her background in hospitality she has created a great event with beautiful low and no alcohol drinks and local artisan food. On this webinar discussion with Laura, Zoe shares her story about becoming more mindful of her drinking whilst working in the hospitality industry. Zoe gives a bit of background in her own words:

I have worked in the hospitality sector for the last 10 years, predominantly on the food side from Chef to Director of food and more recently I have been freelance. I am 31 and live in South London. I gave up drinking in October last year and drink very seldom since.

I have always been someone who prioritised flavour and craftsmanship and I had dedicated both my professional and social life to exploring innovation in food and drink. Therefore giving up all alcohol was a tricky concept for me to get my head around. My primary consideration was what else was I meant to drink, and where was I meant to go to drink it?

However, I thought I would give it a go for STOPtober last year, and being relatively stubborn I was keen to stick to what I had agreed to do. What I quickly realised was that “what to drink instead” was the easiest part to overcome and actually there were some much more confronting realisations that would come off the back of giving up booze. Giving up drinking really highlighted all the areas I was discontented in my life. Things that had previously felt fine suddenly came into question. This included some areas of my job, my opinion of myself, my relationships, and it made me asses what really mattered to me.

It was a difficult thing to push through but once I got to grips with things I’ve been able to be much more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve identified areas where my insecurities/fears have got in my way and been able to go to work on those places, and more importantly I know all the great things to drink when I don’t want to drink!


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