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This week’s webinar with Shaa Wasmund covered topics such as procrastination, self-esteem, and never drinking alcohol. The long-awaited webinar with Shaa became a written Q&A due to technical difficulties (that elusive button). So here are your written questions – answered!

Motivation to change

When you have been static for so long – probably kept there by some draining habits like drinking – how can you find the energy or motivation to really start making a change?

Shaa: Take small steps – it’s like loosing weight or running a marathon if you set your expectations to run a marathon with a weeks training – you’ll have serious injuries … if you try to loose a stone in a month, it wont happen. Then you’ll loose confidence, then you won’t want to continue … so set small goals. Consistently.

Low self-esteem is big reason for falling into bad habits that keep people stuck — the biggest thing our members want to do now is just change this habit that is making that worse – how does focusing on big (but scary) future change help? (your life express exercise is powerful here)

Shaa: Top tip for increasing your self esteem is to do an audit on the people and things in your life that make you happy and positive and those that make you feel negative and drain you … cut as many people / things that make you feel the later out of your life. If you can’t cut them out (you may be married to them!) then you need to have some serious conversations with yourself about the impact of spending the rest of your life with people who make you feel crap. Now surround yourself with people who make you feel good …

What drove you to entrepreneurship – a specific idea to chase or a drive for autonomy? Or something else!

Shaa: I grew up in a very dysfunctional family – my Dad was violent and a big drug user. I wanted to control my own destiny. I have never smoked, done drugs or drank alcohol …

Procrastination and what to do about it

I often procrastinate via self inflicted overload – a million and one ideas of things I’d like to do, learn, achieve, etc… have a cupboard load of craft materials and a guitar never learned let alone played – “all the gear but no idea” as a friend described it! How to work out where to start…? It’s hard to tune into any as a particular ‘itch’ as I think about them all a lot of the time, but without committing to any specific one! Any tips please?

Shaa: Start with ONE – any one. Pick the guitar, focus on it for 3 months … do you love it? Yes? Continue. No? Pick something else. ONE thing at a time ..Analysis Paralysis … Ive chosen for you. GUITAR! Now go practise!

I don’t know what I want to do and am procrastinating about tackling this. What tips do you suggest for coming up with a plan?

Shaa: So what do you like to do? Who do you like to do it with? Even try some things that you’re not even sure that you might like … but it’s a new experience! Start somewhere … the answer is always to START!

On never drinking alcohol

You have never drunk alcohol, which is something I did not know until your staff told me, was that a conscious decision. As someone who has set up several businesses did it give you the competitive edge?

Shaa: Well, I don’t know what a hangover is! 🙂 It stems from my childhood – my Dad was both an alcholic and a drug user and I wasn’t going down that path . I think I have some crazy gene pool that makes me do the opposite of what my peers were doing as a teenager too! Truly what I saw as a kid, I never wanted to replicate so there was no way I was even going to start …

I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, but that doesn’t make me or anyone else like that uncool. In fact I can guarantee you I’m the coolest Mum in my son’s class! (I am joking of course) But seriously I get to do tons of cool shit in my job and travel and hang out and party with people like Drake … I’m not your average joe.

Do you have a daily routine or take each day as it comes? Any daily habits?

Shaa: I wake up at 5.30 every day and I exercise (run) 6 days a week … I wish I could say I start with lemon and hot water and meditation but I don’t. I start with coffee and gangsta rap!

Procrastination or self-sabotage… where’s the line, what’s the diff?

Shaa: Self sabotage is deliberate and dangerous. Procrastination is laziness that can be addressed.

Are you happy with what you’ve achieved, or do you still feel like you should be doing more? I worry I will always feel that, whatever I do.

Shaa: I always want to do more. I always want to grow more. I always want to learn more. BUT I’m super happy and proud of what I’ve achieved so far … I never want to stop learning or growing …


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