WEBINAR: Stop Drinking and Start Living with Stephanie Chivers

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How to stop focusing on alcohol and truly start to enjoy life? On this guest webinar for Club Soda, Stephanie Chivers will share tried and tested tips and techniques that will get you to focus on the good stuff. She will help you learn how to shift your focus.

Stephanie Chivers, is a habit and addiction specialist with over 12 years personal and professional experience. Her passion is teaching people how to change their relationship with alcohol. Stephanie has worked with 1000’s of people over the years and wants to share with you what works, so you can live a happy healthy life.

When we focus on what we want, putting good stuff in, life feels easier and more enjoyable. I am going to give you some simple, tried and tested tips that you can start doing today, that will make a difference to your life.

In the same way that diets don’t work, you know, when we focus on, not eating the cake, the ice cream, the chocolate, that’s all we think about, then we want it. It can be really tough if you want to make a change to your drinking and you are white knuckling it, you know just taking the alcohol away, not doing anything different. It doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice and depriving, in fact, I highly recommend you don’t.

Life can be fun, it can work, it can also be enjoyable without alcohol. There are some simple things I can teach you, 12 new habits, you don’t have to do all of them, maybe doing some of them already. You can just pick one. I am also going to give you the why behind them. These are not just things I have dreamed up, its based on working with 1000’s of people and seeing what works.

Not only have I been on my own journey, changing my relationship with alcohol, I have also worked with 1000’s of people so I am sharing with you what works. I teach people how to stop drinking and start living.

Stephanie also offers an online programme and one to one coaching on Skype.


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