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Shopping for low and no-alcohol drinks in Morrisons

We were pleasantly surprised by the choice of low and no alcohol drinks in Morrisons supermarket (we went to our local big store in Stratford) – and they even put these drinks in places where you can find them! As you know our #NannyStateWarrior has been getting exercised about the placement of non-alcoholic beers in Tesco.

Plus points

Room for improvement

Non-alcoholic beers and lagers

In the supermarket we visited we found Becks Blue (0.05%) and Bavaria (0.0%). Online, Morrisons also sell a St Omer shandy (0.5%) called Panache, Fosters Radlers (0%), and St Omer (0.5%), along with their own-brand bitter shandy (bottles and cans).

Morrison's Alcohol Free Beer

Cider and wine

In the supermarket we found a full range of Eisberg de-alcoholised wines (0.05%) and Kopparberg alcohol-free ciders (tastes very much the same as the alcoholic versions). Morrisons also sell their own-brand 1% ABV cider.


Low alcohol beers and wines

In our shop we found Bavaria Citrus Lager Shandy (0.9%), Carlsberg Citrus (2.8%), Carling Zest (2.8%) citrus and red berries, Morrisons own brand 2% lager and bitter beers, and First Cape wine which is 5.5% ABV.

Low Alcohol Beer

Adult soft drink options

Hooray for San Pellegrino orange and lemon, Fentimans Ginger Beer and Dandelion & Burdock (although we would like to see a greater range here) and Crabbies Ginger Beer and Raspberry Ginger (make sure you pick up the non-alcoholic ones!), all on the shelves at the supermarket. Morrisons also sell premixed Bottle Green, Shloer, J20 Spritz and their own brand Edlerflower Fizz and Raspberry lemonade. They do seem to be a bit slack on the cordials, which we would like to stick a nice variety in our cupboard and pimp our own water or Fever Tree Tonic (Morrisons stock Eldeflower Tonic which is also great on its own).

Morrisons Soft Drinks



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