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A Club Soda Summer Party

No one has ever said organising a party was easy. Between playlists, decorations, food and drink, deliveries arriving late, people getting lost on the way there… It can all feel a little overwhelming. And then, there’s that lurch of ‘oh gawd, what happens if no one shows up?’… But so keen were Club Soda members, that before the clock had even hit 6 o’clock our first guests were pouring in, eclectic playlist at the ready, and more chilled teas than you know what to do with.

Members drinking de-alcoholised wine

As members mixed with our experts, supporters new and old, curious newcomers got to know each other, all got to try their tastebuds on some really delicious teas, cordials, Square Root Sodas, dealcoholised wines & 0% brews. The drinks were being sunk back before the ice even began to melt (though granted, the dealcoholised wines were the least popular of the choices…)

The evening gave us a chance to thank those who have supported and encouraged Club Soda along the way, and include them in the process as we move forward. So we thought we would share a bit of that with you too.

What is Club Soda and why is it here?

We set up Club Soda because when we looked for something online to support us to change our drinking, we found there was little out there. We still want to go out and have a social life. Changing our drinking was about gaining more, not living less – and we wanted to find a community that spoke to that positive outlook.

So we launched in January with a basic website to see if other people were up for that too. We took out a small business loan, and used our savings to get going, and then Bethnal Green Ventures (a tech for good business support programme) also invested a little in us too.

What have we done so far

We have been testing ideas, from social events and workshops to online tools and behaviour change support. We have reacted to what you have told us, trying out ideas that create the sense that we are a Club, bringing together all the things you need into one place. We think the future of Club Soda looks a little like this…

What next?

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon, so you can pre-buy your membership at a Founder Members rate – this will allow us to build the tools to help you track your progress, fund the socials around the country, and allow us to provide courses and workshops online as well as in real life.

Most of all, it will allow us to be more responsive to you and what you need to help you change your drinking: cut down, stop for a bit, quit or stick.

Want to know more? Then email and we will answer any questions you have.


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