What to drink instead of wine and champagne

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What to drink instead of wine and champagne?

If you usually drink wine and champagne, what can you drink instead? There are several non-alcoholic and de-alcoholised options available, we list some of the best picks.


Carl Jung Sparkling Alcohol Free FizzCarl Jung Sparkling White Wine

Carl Jung is a German winery, who have been making de-alcoholised wines since 1908. They have a great reputation, and the wines are widely available. Sarah Stacey in the Daily Mail wrote: “Medium-dry and refreshing with peachy notes, this was a clear winner. Great for parties.”

This sparkling wine is available from Delicious Drinks Shop (@Deliciousdrinks), and is priced at £6.95 per bottle.

Torres Natureo Muscat Alcohol Free WineTorres Natureo Muscat  (0.5% alcohol)

Our favourite reviewer Drychick describes this dealcoholised wine as distinguished. She says: “This is good enough to fool dinner party guests for the real thing. Lots of flavour, pleasant green apple aroma. Keeps in the fridge longer than full-proof wine. Enjoy with fish and white meat, white pasta dishes and British cheddar”.

£5.99 from Waitrose.


Bonne Nouvelle Merlor Alcohol Free WineBonne Nouvelle Merlot

Bonne Nouvelle are based in France, and have been producing de-alcoholised French wine since 1988. It has a 4/5 star review on, the wine rating website and app.

Available at The Alcohol Free Shop for £6.49 per bottle.

Weinkonig Merlot Alcohol Free WineWeinkonig Merlot

Another German company, again specialising in de-alcoholised wines and sparkling wines. has put it out to their users, who have given the Merlot a 3.3/5 review.

Priced as low as £6.99 per bottle at, the wine is also available from a number of other retailers.

Schloer Alcohol Free Pink Celebration FizzSchloer Celebration Pink Fizz

Schloer are a familiar company for many, and make widely available sparkling juices. Rachel Simons (@StressedRach) reviewed the Schloer, saying: “It is a fresh and fruity combination with vibrant flavours of red and white grape juices fused together to create a beautiful and sparkling rosé drink.”

Available from a range of supermarkets including @Ocado, where it’s priced at £2.99 per 750ml bottle.


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