Webinar: Why go on an alcohol-free retreat?

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Laura chats to Dr Clemency Jacques about what happens on the retreat, and why you might want to take a week away to focus on changing your drinking habits. 

Last September Azure wellness retreats ran its first Recovery Retreat in Turkey. The participants who attended discovered how connecting with others helped them to solidify their recovery gains and build on their existing recovery experience. By making friends with others who have struggled with alcohol and other addictions, they found a sense of belonging and understanding. Connection has been shown to be one of the most helpful factors for improving the chances of recovery by many theorists. Yet for many quitting, or cutting back on drinking and other addictive processes, this can be a scary and isolating time for those trying to change their lives. Club Soda and other recovery forums have shown many people that they don’t have to do this alone. The Azure retreat builds upon that philosophy. We provide a fun and relaxing environment where you can come, have a lovely holiday and connect with others on a similar journey. Included in the retreat is group therapy facilitated by myself, Dr Clemency Jacques and the lovely Lyn Kirby, my own therapist who helped me to find recovery. We also have yoga, fun trips, healthy food and mediation on offer. But the most helpful element is the support and love we give each other.

Read more about the retreats here, and you can also watch Clemmie’s guest webinar from last year, on alcohol-free holidays.



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