Are you a blogger, influencer, podcaster or events organiser and want to be part of our festivals, magazine and ecosystem?

Then here is everything you need to know.

Club Soda is a collaborative community, we want to bring inspiration to everyone about the benefits of mindful drinking. Whether you have never drunk alcohol, are looking to cut down or are going Alcohol-Free.

You may be a drink fanatic or know a lot about behaviour change, or just have a personal story to share. You may be starting to organise mindful drinking or sober events and want to get news out to a wider community.

Here are the ways you can get involved with Club Soda

1. Join our ecosystem mailing list

We will keep you informed of opportunities to write, create podcasts and be involved in the festival. We put shout-outs for brands who want to connect with influencers and share opportunities that may be of interest. Fill in this form here if you want to keep connected:

2. Submit a content idea

We put out over 3 pieces of content a week, including a weekly podcast. Do you have something you want to write about? A piece of advice for our Ask Dru? Want to review drinks or make a cocktail? Do you want to host a podcast discussion or be interviewed for an episode. Then here are our submission guidelines:

3. Promote your events

We have a reciprocity agreement for promoting events – we will list and promote yours if you help us promote the festival. If you want access to put your own events on our well visited events page then email

Do we always say yes?

As much as we would like to take everything offered, we are trying hard at Club Soda to make sure we amplify the voices of those who are less visible in this space. Especially those from marginalised groups and communities. We can only take content of a more therapeutic or medical nature from those with the right qualifications. Finally, you need to share our values. You can see more in our Frequently Asked Questions, our Club Rules, and Meet the Team pages.

If you have any questions you can email

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