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Whatever your goals, write them down

It does not matter what your goals are. Stopping a habit or taking something away that we very often consider a treat is tough.

At Club Soda, we know changing your drinking is also especially difficult as it is tied up so tightly in our social DNA. If you have done well we have a drink to celebrate, a tipple to relax after a stressful day, and it also breaks down our inhibitions at parties.

However long you have managed to change your drinking for (nearly 3 years for me), those social pressures never really go away. They just get easier to deal with.

Community and advice

This is why we have created the community in Club Soda. So that you can swap stories and share tips. Only the people doing the same things as you, or who have been there and done that can really give you the advice you need. Which is where Bryony Gordon from the Daily Telegraph is lacking. She is trying to change her drinking, but has not added an important behaviour change element into her post-drink mixer – some new drinking buddies who can give her their top tips.

And here is the science bit. Sharing, helping others, writing stuff down is a real, practical and proven way to help you make the change you want. We know you may not like it (trust me, I was initially resistant). It can make you feel awkward, and it may take a few minutes of your time.

Changing your drinking

But it helps. Club Soda is somewhere you can do this confidentially, and use your short posts as a way to ask for support, and share advice. Give it a whirl. Still not sure, then have a look at these 5 top bloggers who are sharing their #changeyourdrinking journey.

  1. ‘Speaking Easy’ describes himself as a ‘party boy in remission’. “I’ve gone dry for January after going too far with alcohol over the last few years in the quest for good times.”(@speakingeasy1)
  2. @DryChick gives great advice on her regular blog, and her events are fantastic too.
  3. If you want a more health service view of how Dry Jan is going then @nikkiKF is blogging her experiences.
  4. Newcastle Chronicle journalists Simon and Sarah are brutally honest about the impact Dry Jan is having on them, and sharing with their readers.
  5. Rachel Black from Scotland (@SoberRachel) is an old hand now so her blog is packed with personal experiences.


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