Best new alcohol-free beers for November

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November is a time when we engage in lots of conversations about men’s health. Movember sees thousands grow weird and wonderful facial hair and raise awareness about male health and wellbeing, from testicular and prostate cancer to mental health and suicide rates amongst men. It’s a time when many of you may be thinking carefully about the way you look after your body, including the way you drink. Here are some of the best new alcohol-free beers for November, or any other times when you’re choosing not to drink.



Fungtn is a new brand with a difference. They use mycoadaptogens to create beers that are not only alcohol-free, but also vegan and gluten free. Adaptogens are a class of plants and fungi that help to balance the body and aid in performance. Mycoadaptogens (the fungi variety) are used in Eastern and traditional medicine, and are also gaining popularity in the West as a natural way of combatting the stress of the daily grind and helping the body to restore, recover and repair natural balance. Worry not, the beers doesn’t taste of mushrooms! Their core rage includes a dark malt lager, as well as a citra pale, and a juicy IPA with stone fruit notes.

Lazer Crush


Beavertown has been brewing full strength beers for several years. They released Nanobot – a 2.8% session IPA – in early 2020, and recently released their first alcohol-free beer, Lazer Crush, weighing in at just 0.3%. This beer is juicy with bold tropical notes, soft peach, and a piney finish. This is their first alcohol-free beer, and we anticipate they will add to their low and no offering in coming months.

Good Karma Brewing Co

Good Karma Brewing is new on the block, but founder Steve has been working in the drinks industry for years. He has been behind some of the best tasting alcohol-free beers we’ve ever tried. We recently tried his first brew which is Culture Shock, a lemon radler brewed in collaboration with Stacey from Rock Leopard. Both brewers are passionate about affecting positive change in their communities, they are very active in charitable work. Good Karma Brewing is all about bringing you beer styles that you don’t see so often in the alcohol-free market. Their hefeweizen is packed with herbal fruity notes and boasts a fantastically full body. We can’t wait to see which other styles they will take on.



UNLTD came about when founder Johnny decided to take a break from alcohol after his wedding celebrations. He felt more energised, and found he was better able to focus on work, relationships, and making the most of his spare time. He felt unlimited. Johnny missed the taste of beer, and this was the inspiration to create his own alcohol-free brew. The resulting beer is vegan, low in calories, and high in flavour. Their lager has citrus notes with a soft caramel malt base. The range is set to expand, with an IPA in the works.


Drynks produce a selection of pale ales and lager, and if beer isn’t your thing, they also make alcohol-free ciders. One is an apple cider, which is crisp and dry, a pleasant balance between sharp and sweet apple character. The other is a delicious fruit cider made using raspberries and apples. It’s sweet and bright with a delicate carbonation, perfect for a refreshing pour in the autumn sunshine.

If you’re looking for more of the best-tasting alcohol-free beers for November (or any other month), check out Wise Bartender for an extensive range of fantastic brews.

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