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Club rules

We want Club Soda to be a supportive place that welcomes everyone. To make sure this is the case, please follow these rules.

Our full Terms and Conditions should be read by every member (you are bound by them even if you haven’t read them). They cover everything to do with your interactions with Club Soda and other Club Soda members.

Rules for Club Soda members

These rules apply specifically to our Facebook group and other online spaces, like Telegram or Zoom calls. We apply similar principles in real-world settings, such as our Tasting Room and at events.

1: Always speak to your doctor

If you’re worried about the impact of your drinking on your health, talk to your doctor. Don’t stop drinking suddenly if you’re physically dependent on alcohol, and seek help if you experience withdrawal symptoms. Nobody in this group is qualified to give you medical advice, so we don’t allow discussion of medication.

2: Respect other people’s choices

Club Soda welcomes everyone who is drinking less or not at all. So it’s important to recognise that your post could be triggering for other people. Don’t share pictures of alcohol or stories that glamorise or celebrate drinking, as we will remove them. Pictures of alcohol-free drinks are welcome.

3: Be kind and supportive

We want this group to be inclusive for everyone. If you can’t respond kindly to someone’s post, just scroll past it. We have zero tolerance for bullying, degrading and disrespectful behaviour, including in private messages between members. We will remove and ban anyone who makes this group unsafe for others.

4: Respect other people’s privacy

This group is private, and your posts can only be seen by other Club Soda members. You must not reveal that someone is a member of this group. You are responsible for your own privacy, and you must respect other Club Soda members’ confidentiality too, even if you meet them in real life.

5: Please only post text and pictures

Our volunteer admins take your wellbeing seriously, and we try to look at everything that’s posted in the group. Watching videos takes a lot of time, so you won’t be able to upload reels or other videos here. We only allow posts with text and pictures in this group.

6: Don’t share low-effort content

In Club Soda, we love it when you share your experiences of changing your drinking, at whatever stage you’re at. Long-term success stories can be especially inspiring to others. So if you decide to share some inspiration you’ve found elsewhere, tell us why it matters to you. We may remove memes and other low-effort content.

7: You can post anonymously if you need to

Anonymous posts are individually reviewed by our volunteer admins, and we can’t approve everything. So we encourage you to post in your own name whenever you can. Everyone in this group understands where you’re coming from, and the relationships you build here can really help.

8: Suicidal posts will be removed immediately

Our volunteer admins are trained to remove and follow up on these posts to help ensure people are safe. Suicidal posts create a sense of panic and can trigger people, and might result in unsolicited contact attempts. Club Soda is a member of Zero Suicide Alliance, and we take your mental health seriously. 

9: No promotion of yourself or anyone else

This is not the place to build your business. Don’t promote products or services in this group, even if you think it will help other people. Unauthorised links, for example to Facebook groups, blogs, events, coaching and courses, will be removed by our admins and you may be banned from the group.

10: Respect our volunteer admins’ decisions

Our volunteer admins give their time to support you. They can take any action they think is necessary to keep this group safe and happy, including turning off comments, deleting posts, and removing members. Their decisions are final. And if you block an admin, you will be removed from the group.

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