The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Club Soda’s mindful drinking experts have curated a range of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks, so you can buy with confidence.

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Discovering a new drink you love can be a game-changer. But it can be hard to know what you might enjoy.

That’s why Club Soda curates the very best low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks for you. We carry a wider range of drinks in the Tasting Room, some of them available exclusive to purchase in-store. Explore what’s on our shelves.

Each week, you can try a different selection of alcohol-free beers, wines, spirits, adult soft drinks, premixed cocktails and mood enhancers at the Club Soda Tasting Room, 39 Drury Lane, London.

We also have an in-store bar, where you enjoy drinks and cocktails with friends. Visit the Club Soda Tasting Room.

Rethink your drinking with Club Soda

Choosing a new drink is a great start. But do you want to more fundamentally rethink your drinking habits? Sign up for a Club Soda course and join thousands of people who are drinking less or not at all.

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