Chocolate and alcohol

I want to discuss chocolate and alcohol on today’s post. There is a fact that has stuck in my mind from an episode of Bergerac I watched in the late 80’s. I was a teenager, but as a child of a father who drank too much, things you see and hear stick in your mind and finally find a resonance when you grow up.

A baddie wanted to poison Bergerac, and laced a cake with a hallucinogenic drug. He was bound to eat it, they said, because as an ex-alcoholic he would not be able to resist the sweet stuff. I remember thinking at the time “ah that’s why my dad does not eat desserts”. Like my father, I always skipped pudding; why eat cake when you can have another glass of wine? On these occasions John Nettle’s character was never far from my mind. Was I an alcoholic?

Giving up alcohol and chocolate

When I gave up alcohol, the real nature of my sweet tooth was exposed. Many members in Club Soda share the same experience. It can be frustrating if you are also trying to lose weight, to find that you are craving Haribo! Can the world of temptation not give us a break!

So I am here to help you cut yourself some slack. Chocolate can be your friend when cutting down on booze. That’s because it has magical properties beyond the sweetness itself.

Why chocolate is your friend this Easter

So bring on Sunday 16th April…

Is this post about giving you permission to eat chocolate this Easter? Well, yes. But there are good reasons to cut yourself some slack, and on Easter Monday the good stuff will be reduced in price, making it an even better treat.

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