Lazarus Letcher on getting sober, making music and reconnecting with community

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Lazarus Letcher is a musician, writer and academic whose creativity draws on their experiences living as a Black, queer, trans, sober person in America.

This conversation with guest podcast host Yasmin Spark explores Laz’s experience of getting sober and connecting with their ancestral history. And they discuss the power of music-making without alcohol, from viola players having the best seat in the orchestra to the founding influence of black queer people on dance music.

About Lazarus Letcher

Lazarus Nance Letcher (they/them) is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at the University of New Mexico and a musician. Laz has written for Autostraddle, them, and QED. Laz’s work focuses on transphobia’s roots in white supremacy, Black and Indigenous collaborations for liberation, and queer diasporas. You can learn more at and on Instagram @L.Nuzzles. In this episode, Laz also mentions Accountability Mapping for QTBIPOC.

“By the end of my drinking career, I really had no community. So what drove me was a desire for reconnection and a desire to get my actions in line with my spirit”

Lazarus Letcher

About the Club Soda podcast

This episode is the last of our special season celebrating Black History Month in the UK and LGBT+ History Month in the US.

Each week, join Club Soda co-founders Laura Willoughby and Dru Jaeger on the Club Soda podcast to dive deeply into the subjects that matter. Join them to discover incredible alcohol-free drinks, find life-changing advice and practical tips, and hear from experts on sober and mindful living. 

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