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Club Soda is a community of people drinking mindfully and living well. And the Club Soda podcast is a great way to discover what we are talking about.

Each week, join Club Soda co-founders Laura Willoughby and Dru Jaeger to take a deep dive into the subjects that matter. Join them to discover amazing alcohol-free drinks, find life-changing advice and practical tips, and hear from experts on sober and mindful living. Whether you want in-depth interviews or lively discussion, the podcast has something for everyone, bringing you news, events, recipes, advice and interviews to support your changing drinking habits.

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The Club Soda podcast is all the inspiration you need to create and sustain a life that doesn’t centre on drinking. Find the advice and support you need, whether you are cutting down, taking a break or going alcohol-free for the long-term.

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The podcast is made possible, in part, by the support of sponsors. We’re in the top 5% of podcasts with over 4,500 downloads each month, and we’re growing fast. Whether you are launching a new alcohol-free drink, bringing out a new self-help book or building your mindful living brand, we can help you reach an audience of people who are drinking mindfully and living well. Get in touch with Laura to discuss sponsorship and programming opportunities.

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