Soberversary: Laura speaks in Denver

Our founder Laura is celebrating her nine-year soberversary today. She plays it down, but the team at Club Soda HQ are all feeling really chuffed for her. As Dru pointed out the other day, it is Laura’s unique mindset in changing her own drinking that has make it possible to bring our team together and create the Club Soda Community. When Laura decided to change her drinking, she didn’t just get her head down and quit for herself. She thought ‘I want to change how I’m drinking, and I want to talk to other people about it’. Because of this, we have spent the last eight years working to create a world where nobody feels out of place when they aren’t drinking. We welcome all sorts of drinkers, whether they struggle with addiction and want to quit for good, or they want to moderate or take a take a break. We don’t believe that one approach fits all, and we work with Club Soda members to help them shape their own journey toward change, understanding that each person is unique.

In this video you can see Laura speaking at Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind live in Denver, Colorado in 2019. We thought it was a great one to share with you on this special soberversary. From all of us on the team, a huge ‘thank you’ to you Laura, for all that you do to make this space welcoming to all. We’re very proud of the work that you do.

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