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This week we have a fantastic conversation between Geoff Jein and Adrian Chiles about moderating and cutting down our alcohol intake.

In Club Soda, when it comes to changing your drinking, three things are important to us:

I say all of that because in this week’s podcast, radio and TV presenter Adrian Chiles talks frankly about the challenges and pitfalls of moderating his drinking. We got to know Adrian while he was making his 2018 documentary Drinkers Like Me. By his own admission, Adrian used to be a big drinker, and since then he’s cut down a lot – but some people listening to his story might think he’s still drinking too much. But we’re not holding him or anyone else up as a role model. The only change that matters is the change that works for him. Just like the only change that matters is the change that works for you.

Anyway, here’s Adrian, in conversation with radio producer and podcaster, Geoff Jein. Enjoy.

Who is Adrian Chiles?

Adrian Chiles is a writer and television and radio presenter. He has co-presented both The One Show and Daybreak. We first met Adrian while he was filming his documentary Drinkers Like Me, in which he explored his relationship with alcohol, and decided to cut down. Adrian looked into why he and many others don’t feel they are dependent on alcohol, but find it almost impossible to enjoy life with it.

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