Changing your drinking starts here

Taking a short course is a great way to give yourself the gift of time and space to make some positive changes.

If you want to discover the world of mindful drinking, find some great alcohol-free drinks and get some feedback on your drinking habits, join our FREE three-day course How to Change Your Drinking. Or, if you’re ready to get beyond the basics and want to start to make lasting changes, we offer two month-long courses you can join at any time: How to Drink Mindfully and How to Drink Mindfully AF.

All our courses are based on the best of behaviour change science and will provide you with the tools and techniques to make lasting changes to your drinking habits. You’ll get in-depth and thought-provoking information, advice and tips, tools to track your progress and the chance to connect with other people who are becoming mindful drinkers.

How to choose your course

Club Soda’s month-long courses work whether you want to cut down or quit in the long term. For just £40, we’ll give you all the help, support and information you need to change your drinking, your way. To choose which course will work for you, focus on what you want to do right now.

  • Do you want to take a month off drinking? Taking a break can help you reset, refresh and review your relationship with alcohol. If that works for you, sign up for How to Drink Mindfully AF.
  • Do you want to take some time to understand your drinking? If you’re unsure how you want to change, want to cut down gradually, or want to experiment with different ways of changing your drinking, then How to Drink Mindfully is for you.

How to Change Your Drinking

How to Change Your Drinking is a completely FREE three-day course. Get feedback on your drinking habits, discover alcohol-free drinks and learn the basics of mindful drinking.

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How to Drink Mindfully

How to Drink Mindfully is the best of everything Club Soda knows about how to change your drinking. Join our month-long course and change your drinking, your way.

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How to Drink Mindfully AF

Whether you’re thinking about going alcohol-free in the longer-term, or you just want to take a break right now, How to Drink Mindfully AF is a month-long programme to kickstart change.

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Don’t Just take our word for it

People who do our online courses don’t just change their drinking. They tell us they sleep better, have more energy and are more productive. Take a course and find out for yourself the difference that Club Soda can make.

I feel full of energy and it seems that every area of my life is better when I don’t drink. Thank you Club Soda for your consistently helpful, creative, and inspiring daily emails. You’ve thought of absolutely everything!


This course has been excellent, really made me think, everything so nicely presented and clear to read on my phone. I loved the links to more info and previous emails. You really are helping me to change my life.