Meet the team

Over the past few years, Club Soda has grown from an idea into a Mindful Drinking Movement™ with tens of thousands of members around the world, supported by a small and busy staff team. We’re all mindful drinkers – some of us moderate and some of us don’t drink alcohol at all – and we all share a passion to create a world where nobody feels out of place if they’re not drinking alcohol.

Club Soda is a social business, so we’re committed to putting the needs and aspirations of our members first. We’re inspired by behaviour change science and our own experiences of changing our drinking. And we’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for you to change your drinking, whether you want to cut down, stop for a bit, or quit.


Anja is our beer writer and general taster of things. She helps us with the Club Soda Guide, and enjoys music, travel and adventure racing.

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Dru is one of Club Soda’s co-founders and directors. When he’s not writing our book and designing our new programmes for people who want to change their drinking, he goes for long walks and likes to hang out in his van by the sea.

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Laura is one of Club Soda’s directors and co-founders. She’s a campaigner by background and now brings all that charm to creating a world where no one feels out of place not drinking.

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Jen manages our social media, website and article content. She’s been moderately drinking for two years, after taking three years off booze completely. She’s also a sculptor, artist and keen metal fan.

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Jessy looks after the Club Soda Guide, so their time is filled with reading about drinks and fiddling with code. They always want to hear about new venues and good beers!

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Jo’s role is getting the message about the impact of our work out to the media, by sharing members’ stories whose lives have positively been affected by what we do.

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When Josh isn’t pursuing his burgeoning career as a fashion model (seriously, check out his gorgeous beard) he helps us run events, especially Queers Without Beers.

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Jussi is one of Club Soda’s directors and co-founders. He looks after our day to day operations among other things. And he was a mindful drinker before it became fashionable.

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