We’re creating a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they’re not drinking

Club Soda is the Mindful Drinking Movement™. We want to make mindful drinking widely accepted so that everyone feels confident to change their drinking habits if they want to. Society can make this easier by making sure that people who aren’t drinking alcohol are just as comfortable as drinkers who are, especially in social spaces where alcohol is served.


We don’t judge, scold or patronise. It’s not kind. We do support, advise, empower and encourage people who want to be mindful about their drinking.

We don’t criticise the drinks industry. But we want to help them see the massive potential in alcohol-free and low alcohol alternatives and encourage them to act on that insight.


We respect individuals and their choices. Fundamentally, we want it to be easier for people who are cutting down or stopping their drinking to do it without losing the social life they value.

We know that the hospitality industry serves drinkers with great skill and we will demonstrate the value of extending that offer to the growing market that prefers to socialise with less or no alcohol.


We can’t help our members by ignoring the reality of their challenges. We help by seeing clearly if they are struggling and offering encouragement and new strategies and approaches that may work better. That includes pointing them in the direction of other services who might be able to support them better than we can.

We won’t help the drinks industry by pretending everything is fine if it isn’t. But we will never give up on exploring positive and options that can enhance their business while reducing their dependence on profits just from alcohol.


Club Soda is pro-social. We’re all about staying connected with social life and drinking without being controlled by alcohol. We are all about having more fun! It is why we are a movement and not a service.

We work to persuade the drinks and hospitality industry to be more adaptable and respect a wider range of drinking behaviours.