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Connection is the superpower of behaviour change. If you’re wondering how to cut down, take a break or go alcohol-free, you’re not alone. The Club Soda community is here for you.

As part of our community, you’ll join tens of thousands of people around the world who have discovered how to live well by being more mindful about drinking. Join our Facebook group, follow us for inspiration on Instagram, and start a course to get personal support on Telegram and Zoom. Join the community of listeners to our podcasts. And connect with other people online and in the real world at our events and festivals.

Join Club Soda on Facebook

Connect with the Club Soda community on Facebook

Club Soda Together is our Facebook group, with over 16,000 members worldwide. Supported by a team of volunteer admins and with regular contributions from the Club Soda team, it’s the best place to make connections and share your experiences.

Unlike other online communities, Club Soda is open to everyone whether you are moderating or going alcohol-free. We know that change is complicated and it can take time to discover what works for you. So in our Facebook group, you’ll find people changing their drinking in all sorts of ways. What do we share in common? We’re honest, brave and kind to ourselves and each other.

We know that big groups can be intimidating and it’s easy to get lost in them. So if you’re new to changing your drinking, or want a boost to keep going, sign up for our free course How to Change Your Drinking. And you’ll get an invitation to one of our exclusive small groups, just for people on the course. There’s a new group starting each month, so it’s a great way to make connections with people who are changing their drinking too.

Plus, follow the Club Soda Facebook page for our latest news, drinks recommendations, and live events.

Get personal with Club Soda’s courses

Connect with the Club Soda community on Slack and Zoom

When you’re changing your drinking, it’s good to surround yourself with people who understand. So all of Club Soda’s longer courses – like How to Drink Mindfully and How to Stop Drinking – come with an invitation to join Club Soda on Telegram.

Telegram is messaging on the go, so you can get support and help whenever you need it. The Club Soda group on Telegram is the perfect place to share your progress, solve your problems and get the encouragement you need to create and sustain change.

Joining a course also gives you access to our weekly face-to-face mindfulness meditation and discussion group, the Breathing Space. Hosted on Zoom by Club Soda co-founder and course director Dru Jaeger, the Breathing Space is an hour to connect with other people all over the world, so you know you’re never alone.

Be inspired on Instagram

Connect with the Club Soda community on Instagram

For millions of people, Instagram is a go to destination for inspiration to live well.

Follow Club Soda on Instagram for the motivation you need to change your drinking and live a more mindful life. Every day, we share inspiring quotes from members of our community and nuggets of wisdom to propel you towards success. Get our latest news, share our stories and discover the wider world of sober and mindful influencers.

Our Instagram is packed with drinks recommendations too. So if you want to discover the best alcohol-free beers, wines, spirits and more, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, every Monday, Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby is live on Instagram to motivate you for the week ahead.

Listen to the Club Soda community podcast

Listen to the Club Soda podcast

Other people’s stories of change can be truly inspirational. The Club Soda podcast brings together voices from across the mindful drinking community and beyond to talk about change, drinks and more.

Each week, join Club Soda to take a deep dive into the subjects that matter when you are changing your drinking. Discover amazing alcohol-free drinks, find life-changing advice and practical tips. And hear from experts on sober and mindful living, and get the real-life stories of people who’ve changed their drinking.

Listen to the podcast now.

Make real-world community connections

Connect with the Club Soda community at festivals and events

As the world opens up again, many people want to make connections with others in the real world in ways that don’t centre on alcohol.

So the Club Soda events page isn’t just a listing of the events we run. If you want to discover alcohol-free events, workshops, festivals and even holidays, check out our listing of what’s best.

Club Soda runs festivals too, online and in the real-world. If you want to meet other people who are changing their drinking, discover delicious alcohol-free drinks and be inspired to live well, our festivals are for you. Sign up to our mailing list to get our latest news.

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