The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Club Soda is a community of people drinking mindfully and living well. And the Club Soda podcast is a great way to discover what we are talking about.

Our latest podcast series, The Next Round, explores the stories of people who’ve cut down or quit drinking. Week by week, Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby meets inspiring people who taken up new pursuits or rediscovered old passions after changing their drinking habits. 

The previous series, Beyond Booze, explored the world’s best alcohol-free drinks. Hosted by Noah Villeneuve, the series featured people who produce unique non-alcoholic drinks, bartenders creating tasty cocktails, and people working towards a healthier drinks industry around the world.

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Explore articles about previous episodes

The Club Soda podcast has a huge archive of episodes to dive into.

Here’s a selection of previous episodes that have been published on our blog. Discover great new drinks, hear inspiring stories and get all the motivation you need to change your drinking, your way.

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