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Club Soda exists to help people drink more mindfully and live well. Your feedback helps us improve Club Soda, so we can make it better for everyone.

This member feedback survey is in three parts. The first is about you and your drinking. The second part is about how you’ve been involved with Club Soda recently. Finally, we’ve got some monitoring questions for you.

To thank you for answering these questions, you can also enter our free prize draw. You could win a Club Soda course, an alcohol-free drinks box from our friends at Wise Bartender or a voucher of similar value (if you are based outside the UK). If you want to enter, please complete your contact details at the end of the survey. But you can submit it anonymously if you’d prefer.


You and your drinking

When it comes to changing your drinking, which of these best describes you?
How would you describe your ideal relationship with alcohol?
What’s your motivation for changing your drinking?
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You and Club Soda

How have you been involved in Club Soda recently?
Choose all that apply
Which Club Soda courses have you taken?

More about you

Where are you based?
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We ask these questions only for statistical and research purposes, so we can understand more about the people Club Soda is reaching

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