Good Help Bad Help – Nesta 2018



Club Soda was part if the Good Help, Bad Help Research undertaken by Nesta, looking at how we promote self-efficacy to change drinking habits.

The report was launched in February 2018 called: ‘Good and Bad Help: How purpose and confidence transform lives’; a call to action for policymakers and practitioners. The report draws on research and good practice to highlight the key drivers of action and characteristics of Good Help.

“We believe much more can be done to help people reach their health goals. Too many people are being told how to be healthier and what unhealthy behaviours to stop. But we know from the evidence that this directive and punitive way of ‘helping’ people (what we call Bad Help) is less effective than asking people about their lives, and understanding what motivates them and where they feel confident to start (what we call Good Help).”

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