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Book an Alcohol-Free Cocktail Masterclass
for your business

We can offer classes at our shop or in your office

Club Soda welcomes you to an immersive and interactive alcohol-free cocktail class experience, where you’ll discover the artistry of mixology without a drop of alcohol. Book us for your workplace, or join us in the heart of Covent Garden for an unforgettable journey into the world of alcohol-free cocktails.

Designed for groups of all sizes, our alcohol-free cocktail class offers an ideal opportunity to bond, learn, and have fun in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Our alcohol-free cocktail class is perfect for Christmas parties, activities for a dry January staff socials, health and mental health week events, and corporate team-building.

Our cocktail classes are not sober events but are designed for everyone to learn more about drinking mindfully and living well. Plus, guests learn to craft great cocktails without alcohol. They satisfy everyone’s thirst for creativity and flavour. Our experienced mixologists will guide your team through a hands-on workshop, unlocking the secrets behind crafting enticing alcohol-free concoctions.

During this engaging session, guests explore a variety of premium alcohol-free spirits and ingredients, sustainable garnishes and syrups to elevate your alcohol-free cocktail creations. From classic favourites with a twist to innovative, boundary-pushing recipes, they will learn the techniques and principles behind mixology that will leave their taste buds tingling. They will delve into layering flavours, experimenting with different textures, and garnishing with precision, transforming each alcohol-free cocktail into a visually stunning masterpiece.

All our classes focus on 100% involvement – guests use the best alcohol-free spirits, fresh ingredients and specialist equipment to make their cocktails. They will leave the class with newfound knowledge, recipes to recreate at home, and the confidence to craft refreshing and tantalising alcohol-free cocktails for any occasion.

What to expect

  • Each session is up to 2 hours, depending on the numbers and mingle time.
  • Learn top tips for mindful drinking at home and when out socialising
  • Our experienced mixologists will guide you through two cocktails: one stirred, and one shaken.
  • Time to mingle with colleagues and drink your cocktail in between each making session.
  • Take pictures of your creations for Instagram and staff intranet.

If you have any questions, you can email or call 07968708703


In our Covent Garden store: from £300 for up to 6 people then £45 per person thereafter up to a maximum of 30 people.

In your London office: from £600 for up to 10 people and then £50 a head thereafter.  

Outside of London*: from £800 for up to 10 people, then £50 a head thereafter plus travel, ice and glass hire.

All prices subject to 20% vat 

Find a date that works for you email or call 07968708703.

*For sites outside of London, we need to send the product to you in advance, and one of your team will take responsibility for chilling the product. We would need to get ice sent on the day and would require you to be able to keep that cold for a few hours ahead of the workshop.

Class format

Our recommended class runs for two hours, although we can offer tailored or extended versions depending on your preference.


Be guided through the background and concepts of mixology & cocktail making, and learn fundamental techniques.

Make two cocktails and a perfect serve

Time to get hands-on. You will make a perfect serving with a spirit, so you know how to make an elegant drink every day at home! You will then have all the equipment you need to make two cocktails, with time to drink them whilst chatting with others.

Cocktail making competition

What did you learn? Indulge in some healthy competition as you compete to make your original alcohol-free cocktail using spirits, wines and mead and syrups, juices and other ingredients.


We have a partnership with our neighbours at Caravan who will deliver small plates and pizzas. We can also provide luxury can provide luxury canapés from a local supplier. Please preorder at least 1 week in advance.


We can host our private cocktail classes anywhere in London, at any time, on any day, for groups of any size.

Frequently asked questions

What is a private corporate cocktail class?

A private class is booked for just your company. We can do this for groups of 6 upwards and host them in our Tasting Rooms at Club Soda in Drury Lane (max capacity 30).

Outside of Club Soda, there will be additional charges based on travel and glassware, and we will need to give you a quote.

Who will host my class?

Our team are global experts on alcohol-free drinks and mindful drinking. We have judged Great Taste, IWSC Alcohol-Free Medals, and the World Alcohol-Free Awards. Our alcohol-free cocktails are some of the best in the world. You are in good hands for your session.

The Club Soda team will then guide you through 2 different cocktails, and you will learn tricks of the trade and hacks to make your alcohol-free cocktail sing. Everyone can take away perfect skills from a party, celebration or event. We will also teach you how to make a perfect serve with an alcohol-free spirit, so you can make sure you can make a great drink at home every time. Finally, we will guide you as you compete to make the best cocktail.

How many cocktails do we make?

You receive a welcome drink, make two cocktails and one perfect serve.

Will I have to share equipment?

Depending on numbers, people may need to share jiggers and shakers. But this all adds to the fun!

Can those under 18’s take part?

Yes, if you have team members under 18 this event is perfect.

Is it okay for staff members who do not drink for religious or health reasons and those that are pregnant?

Yes, it is, but we will ask you about any specific requirements and allergies in our planning. All the drinks we bring will be vegan.

Some of our team have mobility issues; how is access to the Tasting Rooms?

The downstairs speakeasy area is not accessible to those with mobility issues. So we recommend you look at our accessibility guide. When we have groups over 15 we use both floors, so please let us know if any staff are unable to access the speakeasy, and we will modify the class.

If you have team members with hearing issues or are deaf, or have other needs, we will be happy to chat about how we can accommodate them. Please email

Can I bring my dog?

No, unfortunately, not for hygiene reasons (although they are welcome when browsing the shop). Assistance dogs are welcome.

What do you need to know for a class at my home/workplace?

There are a series of questions we will ask you:

  • What space will you be able to use, and how many people can you accommodate in that space? We need a room with tables that can be utilised for the class. An average desk can host around three people.
  • Do you have glassware (tumblers and wine glasses)? And how many of each?
  • Do we have access to a sink and kitchen area to prepare?

For sites outside of London, we need to send the product to you in advance, and one of your team will take responsibility for chilling the product.

We need to get ice sent on the day and require you to be able to keep that cold for a few hours ahead of the workshop.

Can I hold the class at any time?

We can do a class at any time of day, week or year. We just need enough time to set up and break them down afterwards. This is usually around an hour on either side of the class, depending on the size. If you are in an office block, we will need to know where we can drop off everything we need and, if possible, borrow a porters trolley to get the equipment to you.

Is food included?

We can add food to most events at most venues upon request. We can order pizza from our local supplier of kaleido rolls. Just let us know.

When will the food be served?

We usually serve pizza/rolls, bar snacks and deli boards at the beginning of your class with your welcome drink, but you can discuss this with your event organiser.

Do you serve vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free food?

Yes, we can offer gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options; please ask your event organiser for details about our full range.

Is there a dress code?

There’s no dress code per se. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in; you will be on your feet for around two hours. You can even come in fancy dress if it is not offensive. We are a space dedicated to equality for everyone.


What happens if there’s a change in my event plans?

We ask that you pay in advance of the event, either the full amount or a booking fee. If there are changes to your event plans, for example to the number of attendees, we can change this up to 7 days before the event, including adding additional people. We cannot offer a refund if there are any changes less than seven days before your event. Let us know if you need extra space, and we will see what we can do.

How are bookings confirmed?

Your booking is confirmed on payment of the invoice. All payments shall be made by the invoice due date.

I need to cancel my event. Can I have a refund?

If you need to cancel a booked event, we reserve the right to retain a cancellation fee of 50% of the total fee, provided the cancellation is made more than 14 days before the scheduled event date.

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