Drinking Dreams

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Drunk dreams

The first time I woke up from a dream where I had been drunk, it took me a few moments to realise that it had only been a dream. The relief that followed after that realisation was huge. But, what are drunk dreams? Are they the same for everyone? And, what do they mean? I also began to wonder if everyone had them, or if I was alone in that experience. In searching for information on drunk dreams, I started to read about something called euphoric recall, defined as “a psychological term for the tendency of people to remember past experiences in a positive light, while overlooking negative experiences associated with that event(s)” (thanks wikipedia). I began to read about people’s experiences of this, months and years after stopping drinking, though the frequency of them depends from person to person. When I tentatively asked with the Club Soda community, the response was a resounding YES, you’re not alone.

Relationships with alcohol

So, what are they? Your Dream Interpretation defines drunk dreams as “Being drunk in a dream is not all that different from being drunk in real life – it’s a form of escapism, of trying to avoid cruel realities, and of finding an anchor in something outside of yourself that makes you feel good for a short period of time. If you’re drunk in your dream, the interpretation and meaning of that dream is going to be highly dependent on your relationship with alcohol in your waking life, whether being drunk is routinely a problem, and your individual feelings about drunk people. Since relationships with alcohol in our society can get very complex and are pretty individual to each person, it’s difficult to say what this dream means to you in general without addressing those questions first”. 

Euphoric recall?

Should you be worried?


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