How to fake a Pimms

If you like your Pimms, it’s good news! We have two options for you, both alcohol-free and both delicious.

Make alcohol-free Pimms

Summer Cup

The first is a Summer Cup from our friend Camille at La Maison Wellness.

You can experiment with your ingredients and mixing different drinks, but we’ve given you some recommendations to get you started.


60ml alcohol-free pale ale (we use Nirvana or Drop Bear Beer)

60ml kombucha (try Real Kombucha, Boucha Kombucha, Genie Living Drinks, or Los Bros)

60ml fruity soda (check out Kolibri or Square Root Soda)


Slice of orange




Glass & ice

Rocks glass

cubed ice


It’s super easy. Simply combine your wet ingredients in the rocks glass, then add ice to fill. Garnish with your fruit, and there you have it, the perfect summer refresher.

SlimmingWorld Pimms

Our second recipe comes from SlimmingWorld, and also has a much lower calorie content than Pimms, and of course contains no alcohol. So you can indulge in Pimms O’Clock guilt-free this summer!


1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 litre diet lemonade


Mint sprigs




Glass & ice

Serving jug

Rocks glass

Ice cubes


Combine all ingredients including fruit in the jug and set to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Pour slowly over cubed ice and garnish with an extra mint spring.

If you’re not a fan of balsamic vinegar, the BBC Good Food Guide recommends substituting for your favourite cordial (raspberry and elderflower are our favourites), then sprucing it up with lemonade and fruit for a refreshing summer mocktail. Get creative with your fruit, you don’t have to stick to the traditional garnish here.

All the drink recommendations above are available for to order online for delivery, including direct from the producers. Check out our blog for links and discounts. You can make the summer cup with any alcohol-free pale ale, kombucha, and fruit soda, see what you can find in your local supermarket. And all these drinks are great as stand-alone products too.

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