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Fully Present Distribution

Incubating new and emerging brands

At Club Soda Fully Present, we understand the unique needs of early-stage low and no alcohol companies, and the challenge of reaching new markets and securing experienced drinks distribution. We provide flexible and tailored solutions to help your brand succeed by offering cost-efficient logistics, trade and retail sales, and negotiating high-volume Route to Market deals.

A clear and transparent offer

 We offer a unique solution in this space comprising fulfillment, logistics and Route to Market to facilitate on-trade distribution as well as proactive lead generation, Brand Ambassador support and marketing activation.


Designed with early-stage businesses in mind, we will help you kick-start your brand in the UK market.  We work on a fixed-based retainer model, so you know what you are paying and what to expect. 

Adding marketing and activation services tailored to your needs is also possible (and recommended). We will always ensure we have transparent pricing so you can factor this into your value chain. 

We run our partnerships on short 6-month rolling contracts so both parties can gauge success and graduate quickly to our full distribution and wholesale offer when the time is right.



What to expect

For £1,500 per month plus VAT (if payable) you will get:
  • Proactive work to establish Routes to Market
  • Wholesale presence on Wise Bartrader and launch to existing customers 

  • Consumer listings on Wise Bartender and Club Soda

  • In-store listing and sampling plus launch email and social in The Club Soda Tasting Room

  • Proactive sales to venues and retailers, including in our trade training programme

  • Storage and fulfillment.

What we do

Open routes to market by being part of our portfolio

Be part of a small curated portfolio of brands. By bringing together similar and complementary brands, we will support you in finding larger wholesalers whose MOQs can be achieved by purchasing our complete portfolio.

Find on-trade and retail customers

Starting with London, we will provide ‘ambassador’ services for the portfolio. We are proactively speaking to on-trade and retail and generating customers. We will offer menu or range consultations to prospective customers so they can include your products in a full refresh of their offer. We will provide trade training in the Club Soda Tasting Room and through online sessions.

We will proactively find and lead discussions with established wholesalers and distributors to open up your route to market. Our work includes:

  • Building a network of wholesalers
  • Generating leads in retail and on-trade with a proactive sales approach to gain attention from more prominent distributors
  • Highlighting you in our offer to venues, including menu and cocktail design, and driving wholesale business to Wise Bartender.

Immediate wholesale route through Wise Bartrader 

You will be listed on Wise Bartrader wholesale site so venues can order immediately alongside other products they want to stock, creating a single point of order. This includes being part of our communication with existing wholesale customers.

Tasting Room

Consumer sales through Club Soda and Wise Bartender

You will be listed on both e-commerce sites and in-store at the Club Soda Tasting Rooms, where you will be available for customers to sample.

We offer a simple marketing package that allows us to start building consumer demand, with the option of more activities depending on your priorities and budget. 

Storage and logistics

Our logistics partner, Wise Bartender, will store and ship all products required to activate listings and sales from their Somerset warehouse.  The monthly fee includes storage for up to two pallets and shipping of up to 10 samples a month. 

On-trade & wholesale fulfilment

We will deal with fulfilment to trade and wholesale accounts, so you can take advantage of the benefits of working with a multi-brand distributor.

As an early-stage company, your needs may change rapidly. We offer flexible distribution solutions that accommodate growth and adapt to your evolving requirements. Wise Bartrader can also provide fulfilment of e-commerce, Amazon and B2B wholesale platforms (such as Faire and Ankorstore)

The team

Matthias Lataille is our Head of On-Trade, in charge of sales and activation and leading the strategic development of Fully Present. Matthias is an experienced Sales Manager and Brand Engagement & Advocacy Specialist with a demonstrated FMCG Industry history.

Laura Willoughby MBE is the director of partnerships at Club Soda, helping grow the demand in the hospitality sector and advocating for brands. She will oversee the service and include your brand in her public-facing and media work. 

Josh Kelly activates our brands in Covent Garden, ensuring they are shown to consumers and trade at their best.

Jussi Tolvi is our Head of Research, creating the data to persuade customers and create news stories for the category. 

Dru Jaeger heads our marketing and e-commerce, ensuring we drive customers through content.

Tom Ward at Wise Bartender heads up logistics and wholesale and sells to his loyal consumer customers. He can create a direct-to-consumer website for you and fulfil it.

How we work

In our initial onboarding meeting, we will get to understand your desired outcomes, connections so far, and how you want us to represent your brand.  You may have seen what has worked in other territories – we need that intel! 

Once we have your artwork and priorities, we will start work, keeping you informed all the way. We will update you on our progress in regular reports and catch up with you fortnightly.

Additional services

These items will be in addition to the basic package and charged separately.

Product logistics

  • Additional sample shipping and fulfilment services
  • Branded e-commerce shop & fulfilment
  • Amazon fulfilment
  • Faire / Ankorstore fulfilment
  • UK-based bank account and business registration

Trade marketing

  • Proactive solo sales, including reporting
  • Trade show presence (solo or collab)
  • Nudge PR trade media services
  • Cocktail design

Consumer marketing

  • Additional solo e-mail and social media campaigns
  • Tasting Room window displays
  • Tasting Room bar presence
  • Consumer events
  • Nudge PR consumer media services
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