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Jubilee weekend

7 alcohol-free drinks to celebrate Jubilee weekend

Whether you’re a fan of the British Royal Family or not, this upcoming Platinum Jubilee weekend – a four-day celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign -is going to be sunny, sociable, and potentially boozy. If you’ve cut down or quit drinking, any celebration can feel daunting, especially if you know that those you want to spend time with might be preparing to overindulge. With the low and no alcohol market offering a plethora of great non-alcoholic drinks to help you through boozy times, you never need to feel like you’re missing out. And this Jubilee weekend, why not celebrate your way with these perfect Jubilee-themed drinks?

1. Thank Brew Jubilee IPA

To celebrate our monarch’s milestone, Big Drop Brewing Co has teamed up with the Good Beer Co and Adnams to develop a unique beer for the Jubilee weekend. Thank Brew Jubilee IPA is a moreish and fruity IPA with a distinctive bitter note and plenty of bubbles. It’s the 0.5% version of Adnams’ ale created especially for the Jubilee. The AF version ensures that everyone has the same great taste with an alcohol-free option for those of us who are abstaining. 100% of the profits from the sale of this limited-edition beer is split between The Together Initiative, Eden Project Communities, and Reset Communities and Refugees. This is a fantastic alcohol-free beer that gives back to important organisations. We’ll raise a glass to that!

2. Slange Var

The Queen reigns over the United Kingdom, so if you’re a resident of Scotland, you’ll perhaps be looking for a suitable AF celebration drink for the Jubilee weekend. Slange Var, which literally translates to ‘good health’ in Scottish Gaelic, is exactly that. The healthy, alcohol-free, fresh and fruity botanical drink can be mixed with soda or sparkling water to create a delicate, refreshing, adult drink not dissimilar to white wine. Add orange juice for a citrusy cocktail and serve alongside this year’s Jubilee pudding.

3. Drop Bear

Wales’ finest craft beer should be in your picnic basket this Jubilee weekend. Drop Bear are an award-winning range of alcohol-free beer that hails from Swansea. Whether you’re a fan of a light, tropical IPA or you like a nice smokey, rounded stout, Drop Bear have something for everyone. This is a quick and easy carrying option if you’re out and about over the 4-day holiday, and is vegan and gluten free, too.

4. Chapman

Representing the Commonwealth countries is DVees with their unique and tasty Nigerian cocktail. The signature drink of this Commonwealth nation is Chapmans, a delicious cocktail bursting with the flavour of cucumber and blackcurrant, with a sparkling citrus base. This sangria of West Africa was supposedly invented by a Nigerian bartender for a British expatriate named Chapman. The DVees sisters were the first to bottle this refreshing alcohol-free drink option, and it’s a party favourite fit for even the Queen.

5. Mavrik Cocktails

What’s more quintessentially British than a G&T? If you’re looking for a convenient pre-mixed, alcohol-free drink for a busy weekend, then Mavrik cocktails are a great option. Hailing from Hampshire, they have taken the stress out of mixing your own AF cocktail by creating the perfect pink aromatic G&T blend, ready for your strawberry cream tea or Eton Mess.

6. Noughty Alcohol-Free Spritz

If you’re hosting a party this Jubilee weekend, then you’ll want a drink that’s worthy of a Royal occasion. London’s own Noughty alcohol-free wine is one of the best sparkling wines on the market, a sophisticated taste with plenty of celebratory bubbles. Why not create your own spritz using the delicious range of botanical drinks by London neighbours Everleaf? Add a dash of Marine for a gin spritz, or go with the citrus theme of the Jubilee by adding 50cl of Marine to 50cl of clementine juice and top the wine glass with Noughty.

7. Clean Club Cocktail

Cocktail aficionados Clean Co have an alcohol-free spirit for every occasion, from their range of gins to their warm rum and spicy tequila. For your Jubilee celebrations, why not try their fantastic Clean Club Cocktail? Add 50ml of Clean G, 15ml of lemon juice, 15ml of honey syrup, 2.5ml orange blossom water, and 4 raspberries to a cocktail shaker. Dry shake the cocktail and serve over ice. A unique and appetising Jubilee cocktail with that all-important citrus flavour that our Monarch prefers.

For more alcohol-free drink ideas, including the perfect pitcher cocktail for summer and picnic-perfect serves, head over to our Drinks category on our blog.

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