The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Where to go for an alcohol-free drink in the UK

The mindful drinking scene is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with alcohol-free events and venues popping up all over the place!

If you’re curious about the best places to experience to try before you buy, then here is our handy guide to alcohol-free venues and shops across the UK.

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We will continue to update and add to this list as the market grows and changes, so if you notice a link that doesn’t work or want to add your favourite spot, please email us at

Love From - Manchester

Welcome to Manchester’s freshest destination for the sober-curious and those seeking a break from the usual! A brand new world with interactive events featuring tasting masterclasses, workshops, music and all alcohol-free drink options. Love From is on a mission to prove that alcohol-free can be exciting and fun knows no bounds! Find out more on their Facebook and Instagram.

Conscious Bar - Birmingham

The Conscious Bar is essentially a health-conscious haven fueled by plants and botanicals, sip on delicious, non-alcoholic beverages designed to support your physical and mental well-being while still enjoying the joy of socialising! They have a premium range of drinks on their menu from tasty mocktails to energising elixirs for you to choose from. Find out more on their Instagram

Functions Drink Club - Otley, Leeds

Discover a diverse selection of Kombucha, no-alcohol craft beers, ales, lagers, CBD drinks and so many more at the Function Drinks Club store. Elevate your non-alcoholic journey with drinks with health benefits, a lasting feel-good factor and a supportive community. Find out more information on their Instagram

The YADA Bar - Derby

Welcome to the revolution of nightlife in Derby – The YADA Collective, creating a vibrant and inclusive community and an experience for everyone. YADA brings people together in an alcohol free setting and fills a gap in mainstream culture. Find out more information on their  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sober and Curious - Scotland

Picture this: vibrant venues filled with laughter, pulsating beats, and an electrifying atmosphere – all without the haze of alcohol. Sober and Curious is on a mission to prove that you don’t need a cocktail in hand to have the night of your life by offering a diverse array of events and meet-ups that cater to every taste and preference. Find out more information on their Instagram and Facebook.

Jpingos - Nottingham

Discover the culinary magic at Jpingos Flame Grill, where a fusion of diverse cuisines takes Nottingham’s dining experience to new heights. This hotspot isn’t just about delectable dishes; it proudly introduces Nottingham’s first non-alcoholic dry bar, redefining social spaces. Unwind in style, savor innovative flavors, and embrace the trendsetting atmosphere at JPingos – a must-try for food enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. Find out more on their Facebook or Instagram

The Great Chase Restaurant London

The Great Chase  is one of the very first places that opened back in 2017 and is home to a few great Club Soda Socials. Great Food and glorious alcohol-free drinks. Find out more on  Instagram. If for no other reason, they are moving to a bigger space in June 2024. 

Raven Records - London

Step into a realm where the beats are heavy, and the spirits are alcohol-free at our revolutionary bar – the world’s first heavy metal alcohol-free haven at Raven Records ! Embrace the freedom to choose not to drink, indulge in a night away from the allure of alcohol, or simply drink less, all in the heart of our alternative-style venue, immerse yourself in a unique experience with our extensive range of 0.0% ABV alcohol-free drinks. Find out more on their Facebook and Instagram

Sober and Social - London

Sober and Social is boldly reshaping the script, proving that going alcohol-free doesn’t mean bidding farewell to a vibrant social life.  With monthly events featuring diverse alcohol-free brands, this movement invites you to revel in the excitement of a night out, minus the spirits.So, why compromise on your social life when you can embrace the best of both worlds? Find out more on their Instagram and Facebook.

Sin Alcohol Bar - Tunbridge Wells

Kent’s first alcohol free sobriety bar and  creative coffee lounge! See more here. 

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