The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Changes after quitting alcohol

Changes after quitting alcohol?

What’s changed for you after quitting alcohol?

We all hope for great changes after quitting alcohol, or when we reduce the amount we drink. We hear great tales of weight loss, fantastic energy, and the ability to do yoga perched on a rock overlooking the sea!

The reality is it does not always work quite like that. The discomfort of not being able to fall back on a habit can be overwhelming, you may feel more tired before your energy comes back, you may break out in spots as your body expels the effects of years of boozing.

You do need to stick with it. Long enough for you to get you out of the habit, normalise not drinking, and feel the benefits of giving your body a good break.

Changes after quitting alcohol

A recent discussion on Facebook sparked an interesting share between our members about all the changes they had noticed after changing their drinking. Some of the positive impacts can be small, but often they focus on your health, mood, and outlook on life. We borrowed a few thoughts from our brilliant members as examples of changes after quitting alcohol they have noticed.

Mood gets better without alcohol

“My anxiety and self respect are much improved. It’s lovely knowing that alcohol was not a factor in anything that’s been less than perfect- therefore that constant round of frustration at myself has gone. Regaining some peace of mind and removing the white noise in my head 🙂 ”

Lots of people experienced an improvement in their mood after reducing their drinking. This makes perfect sense, as alcohol is a depressant that can often worsen underlying issues like depression and anxiety. Without it, you’re bound to experience a lift in your mood as you feel a bit freer and empowered by your newfound independence from alcohol.

Weight changes after quitting alcohol

Yes, many people experienced great changes in their weight alongside their new drinking habits. For many, the weight drops off and they are left with a lot more energy than before. But this is not the same for everyone. Changing your drinking can help you to slim down a little, but the main benefit, in this case, is the energy boost you get from being newly-sober.

“Only on Day 27 but already skin has improved, eyes clearer and not puffy, weight coming down (yay!!), feel LOADS much better about myself .”


This was one area in which many members saw a change. Their self-esteem seems to have improved dramatically after cutting down on their drinking. There’s no reason for the feelings of guilt if you are no longer tied to your unhealthy habits of drinking, and of course cutting down successfully shows you that you are strong enough to take control of your drinking.

“Personal pride. I have it back!”

Health & happiness

Along with the increases in energy many people experience, they also reported feeling a great deal happier and healthier than before. When you change your drinking you may notice you have the energy and motivation to pick up old hobbies you neglected, improvements in your sleeping patterns, memory, concentration, skin… the changes to your health and happiness are many and varied, but definitely positive. Perhaps the most important thing our members noticed a change in was an increase in their general levels of happiness.

“I’ve found new concentration and patience and have started being creative at last (only taken me 30 years!)…”

There are many changes to your life that will come from changing your drinking. It’s great to hear the varied and interesting changes Club Soda members have noticed in their lives.

Keeping a note of what is changing for you, however small, can be motivating and a source of pleasure to see them all written down together as you reach your goals.

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