The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Harrogate Spring mindful cocktail competition

Harrogate Spring Water launches first Mindful Drinking cocktail competition

Harrogate Spring have launched their first mindful cocktail competition in partnership with mindful mixologist and La Maison Wellness founder Camille Vidal.

The reason behind this mindful cocktail competition is that last year was extremely tough for the hospitality industry. Harrogate Spring want to provide a little inspiration and a creative platform for bartenders, mixologists and cocktail lovers to create some delicious drinks using Harrogate Spring Water. The low and no market is booming, and they want to see how you can to tap into this exciting (and tasty) category. 

 “At La Maison Wellness, we’re all about encouraging people to live lives as ‘Healthy Hedonists’, which doesn’t mean missing out on enjoyment – it’s just about living in a more conscious way that makes you feel good at the time and the day after. It’s so exciting to see Harrogate Spring champion conscious consumption through the launch of their Mindful Drinking Competition, encouraging both established and aspiring bartenders and mixologists to get creative with no and low cocktails. In the winning entry, I’ll be looking for how the entrant has aligned their recipe with mindful drinking, while also expressing their passion, talent and individual style.” 

Camille Vidal, Mindful Drinking Ambassador for Harrogate Spring Water

To Launch the Competition, Camille Vidal has created this Delicious APERI-TEA-VO!

Alcohol-free and perfect for the aperitivo moment. We’re putting the tea in Aperitivo with Harrogate Spring and non-alcoholic Martini Vibrante. An Italian aperitif with citrus, notes of bergamot, beautiful Rooibos tea, zingy apple cider vinegar and a touch of honey water. And of course, topped up with the refreshing Harrogate Sparkling spring water. YES, it’s delicious!


– 50ml MARTINI Vibrante non-alcoholic aperitif
– 50ml Rooibos tea 
– 10ml lemon juice
– 10ml apple cider vinegar 
– 5ml honey
– Top up with Harrogate Spring Sparkling Water 


Rocks glass

Lemon wheel & bee pollen

First, add all the ingredients except the sparkling water into your shaker, fill with ice and give it a good shake. Next, pour the mixed ingredients into the glass over ice (add more ice so it’s filled to the brim) and then top up with the Harrogate Spring Sparkling Water. Finally, garnish with the lemon wheel & bee pollen, et voila!

This post is sponsored by Harrogate Spring Water. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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