The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Have a mindful Thanksgiving with Better Rhodes

Have a mindful Thanksgiving with Better Rhodes

While the Christmas decorations are beginning to go up here in the UK, our US members are gearing up for one of the biggest celebrations of the year; Thanksgiving. This controversial holiday is renowned for allowing some time off work to relax with friends and family. It’s also an epic celebration full of food and drink. But what if you or a guest at your table is trying to have a more mindful Thanksgiving this year?

North American non-alcoholic marketplace Better Rhodes have you covered! The cousin that you usually polish off all of the wine with might have chosen to cut down your alcohol intake. Your friend who you catch up with every holiday might have decided that imbibing just isn’t for them anymore. Visiting an old home that’s triggering might be too hard without a backup plan. Better Rhodes’ hand-picked selection of low and no-alcohol beverages will have you giving thanks for their alcohol-free alternatives for a more mindful Thanksgiving.

Who is Better Rhodes?

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world. It was no surprise, then,  that Chris Becker, founder of US and Canadian non-alcoholic marketplace Better Rhodes was finding it hard to sample low and no-alcohol drinks. Chris attributes the struggle to the enormous shipping costs which required bulk ordering. Roughly 30% of Americans choose not to consume alcohol, according to statistics from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions. Having a mindful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter celebration of summer cookout relied solely on soda or cheap, store-bought, low-grade alcohol-free beer. 

‘It became clear that trying out alcohol-free drinks was time-consuming, hard, and largely a guessing game. Maybe I wasn’t the only one?’, says Chris. It seemed ridiculous that the only way to sample the fantastic array of AF drinks hitting the North American market was to buy in bulk. Chris believes that the idea alone would put anyone off trying alcohol-free drinks. At that moment, in a Hermosa Beach coffee shop, Better Rhodes was born.

Now, this ever-expanding company has curated over 300 brands of wine, beer, spirits, and mixers. These hand-picked beverages are available to purchase online in the US and Canada. And, having been able to sample product and curate accordingly, Better Rhodes offer comprehensive wholesale options for restaurants, bars, and events. They’ve even opened a booze-free bottle shop, tasting room, and showroom in New England which you can visit on request. You can shop in person from an impressive range of alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks. Join an American community that makes alcohol-free fun, great tasting, and accessible.

Why choose Better Rhodes for your mindful Thanksgiving?

The holiday season can create ‘drinking anxiety’ for many as they come home or are out for more occasions. Often the choice is between alcohol or a ‘give it away’ drink like seltzer or pop. This raises the risk of questions from colleagues or loved ones. The typical story can be one of increased imbibing through the holidays followed by a hard-to-keep New Year’s resolution. More and more we hear from customers about their happiness in finding a ‘better-for-you’ path with adult alcohol-free beverages. They can either mixed in with their alcohol consumption or in place of completely.

Chris Becker, founder at Better Rhodes

Chris and the team at Better Rhodes haven’t just created a product distribution solution, they’ve created the premier platform for this enormous emerging market, but all with the consumer in mind. This carefully created project serves a community of like-minded people who enjoy tasting, discussing, and purchasing the finest American adult beverages to serve on every occasion. whether you mix these delicious alternatives with your existing beverage of choice or create a new holiday tradition for yourself with a mouth-watering alcohol-free drink. The selection at Better Rhodes suits everyone at every stage of their drinking journey.

So it’s no surprise to us to find that this creative team has come up with not one but two appetizing alcohol-free Holiday Collections. This means that you can serve up the perfect mindful Thanksgiving drinks without the hassle and cost of research and sampling!

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Table Essentials Kit

Set the table, and your intentions, with this essential collection of alcohol-free goodies this Thanksgiving. Small bottles of St James Spritz aperitif start the occasion with a tangy twist. Enjoy a bottle of rich Italian Zeero Sangiovese red, a dark berry Pinot Noir from Wander + Found. A lemon-laced French Bloom Le Blanc compliments whichever roasted dishes you prefer. The caramel-kissed alternative to bourbon from Free Spirits pairs well with pumpkin pie or just as the perfect ending to the perfect, drama-free day.

Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack

If you’re creating a more accommodating environment for friends and loved ones who are joining you for a mindful Thanksgiving, then the Holiday Hosting Pack is for you. The Zeero Sangiovese makes a welcome return to the table. It’s accompanied by the Wander + Found Cuvee Blanc, which is a perfect pairing for buttery roast turkey. The Hiyo Blackberry Lemon is a mood-boosting tangy treat, while a variety pack of popular AF beer Big Drop is a great way to end the celebrations.

For more information about the range of drinks, collections, gifts, and more on offer at Better Rhodes, visit the site here or contact their friendly team. Happy Holidays to all!

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