The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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CBDaiquirISH - Rumish & OTO

Introducing the CBDaquirISH

CBDaiquirISH hero

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The lockdown has seen drinks brands getting more creative than ever as they look to bring some of the most exciting mindful drinking experiences to your home.

ISH Spirits and OTO CBD have collaborated to create a new cocktail that combines the powerful botanicals of the OTO CBD bitters with the spicy punch from RumISH. The CBDaquirISH is a functional, alcohol-free cocktail that brings you the benefits of CBD with the mindfulness of a non-alcoholic drink. 


The popularity of CBD has grown exponentially over the past year as people have discovered its relaxing properties. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. Whilst it doesn’t alter your brain function in any way, some believe it to have beneficial functional effects such as reducing anxiety or pain. It has become popular in non-alcoholic drinks as a way to relax and amplify sober experiences without having any impact on you mentally.

OTO developed CBD bitters to enhance cocktails and simple serves. They combined high quality CBD with a mix of botanicals such as liquorice and cardamom. This helps give the bitters a herbaceous and citrus flavour. 

“Adding OTO’s bitters will help people to feel ‘in the moment’. It’s not about losing yourself, it’s about connecting to the present,” said Gemma Coloa, founder and managing director of OTO. 

The desire to feel in the moment without having to drink alcohol is also what inspired founder of ISH Spirits, Morten Sorensen, to develop his range of alcohol-free drinks.

“I realised how limited my options were when I was craving that familiar cocktail experience,” he said. “I realised there was an absolute need to turn the tables on the social norms of drinking.”

Whilst many of our social norms have been turned upside down over recent months, it has not necessarily changed our relationship with alcohol. That’s why this is the perfect time to try out a fun new recipe to relax in a mindful manner.

CBDaquirISH recipe

Create a simple sugar syrup by dissolving 2 parts of sugar in 1 part of water over a low heat.

Combine 20ml of your syrup with 20ml of lime juice, 60ml of RumISH and 3 large dashes of OTO Bitters.

Shake with ice before straining into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with a fresh lime wheel.

The OTO CBD Bitters and RumISH cocktail set is available now from here.

This article has been sponsored by ISH Spirits and OTO CBD. Club Soda retains full control over the content.

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